Gathering of Nations Stage 49 – Such a Great Time! – Native Music and Performers

Gathering of Nations Stage 49 – Such a Great Time! – Native Music and Performers

Stage 49 at the Gathering of Nations always hosts a wide array of talented Native musicians performing everything from Rock, Blues, Reggae, Hip Hop, and more. Plus it was a great way to step outside and catch some fresh air and a great view of Albuquerque.

Here are just a few of the acts I was lucky enough to catch onstage:

Daisy Chain

As their website exclaims, Daisy Chain was started in 2008 bringing together a blend of Rhythm & Blues to Rock Your Funky Soul! Singer & Songwriter Leilani Finau (Haida/Samoan) fronts the band and plays the keys and ukulele. Forest “Fo” McPeak accompanies on bass, Matt “Hospitality” McAlman on drums and Christopher King on guitar, harp, and vocals.


Daisy Chain performing on Stage 49 at GON

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DDAT stand for Def-i and Delbert Anderson Trio. This group is an thrilling fusion of hip hop and jazz and the crowd was loving it. The Delbert Anderson Trio consists of Navajo horn player Delbert Anderson, Mike McCluhan on bass, and Nicholas Luceroc on drums. Def-i is an Albuquerque native and an amazing MC with a fast and unique flow.



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NPR recently held a Tiny Desk contest in which over 6,000 entries were received and these guys made the top 10 so you know they're talented! Word is they're working on a new album so stayed tuned! In the mean time you can pick up a copy of Def-i's album Shields for Raining Arrows.

Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers



Yes, THAT Gary Farmer. The actor that is in all your favorite movies like Pow Wow Highway and Smoke Signals. Music has always been a big part of his life though and back in 2005 he felt compelled to start making his own music with the Troublemakers. Based out of Santa Fe, NM, Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers are a blues band comprised of David Lee Rodriquez, Vince Vigil, Shakti Hayes on Bass, Brant Leeper on Piano/Keyboards, Stanlie Kee , Jaime Bird Yellow-horse, Faye Schilkey, Beaver Thomas, Jono Manson and Brock Stonefish on guitars, Britt Alexander, Billy Jack Meyers on drums and Gary Farmer on harmonica & vocals.

Folks young and old were digging on their bluesy rhythms!

Randy Granger


This man sounds like he can do it all! Composer, recording artist and singer-songwriter Randy Granger blends elements of southwest music like Native American flutes with world percussion, distinctive vocals and numerous other instruments. He’s won many prestigious awards including the Native American Music Awards (NAMMY’S).

Scatter Their Own

We've featured Scatter Their Own on our website before. And they're definitely no strangers to the Stage 49 crowd, having already played there for several years now. Their first set on Friday was dampened a bit by the rain but die hard fans stuck it out. Saturday's gig was a bit more sunny!


Braved the rain to catch Scatter Their Own on Stage 49 GON

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Who was your favorite act at Stage 49 this year? What acts would you like to see come back next year?

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