Tasty Treats at Gathering of Nations

After walking around The Pit, strolling through the vendors and listening to some good music at Stage 49, you're going to need to refuel. Luckily the Gathering of Nations has welcomed in some great food vendors. They had Mexican food, Barbecue, typical carnival fare like curly fries, kettle corn, kona ice, and frybread of course! In fact, it was the battle of the frybread vendors as I counted at least four spots you could grab some! Which one was your favorite joint?



There were long lines for each one, and they all looked delish so I had to go with the cheapest one, which was Ed & Felicita's Famous Pueblo Indian Frybread. For $10 you could get an Indian Taco with all the fixins.


Yea, I made a wise decision. Tasty and I got to save a little money to buy some more earrings. Haha.

There was also a great lemonade spot to quench your thirst after dancing.


And don't worry y'all, according to the sign it's handcrafted by Natives! Lol!



Another great meal I got to enjoy was the mutton stew from the Native Cafe. It was served in a bread bowl, so how could I not try some? I knew one of my best friends, who is Navajo, would be impressed so I texted to let her know I was finally eating some. Her response? “OMG!!! I am crying. It's been awhile since I've had it. 1 more week and I'm going to mom's house. Can't wait!”


I did not try the corn at Nibble On My Ears, as they had just run out and it was going to be another hour before they had more. Awwww! But I am still laughing at the name. I love Native humor.


I saw a lot of you out there taking pictures of your food on Instagram.

#indiantaco #tacotime #soulful #nativecuisine #gon2016

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The frybread burger! I almost got one and now after looking at this picture, I am kicking myself. I'll have to try and make one at home.

Bout to smash this pueblo fry bread burger. #gon2016 #nativekeyz #nativepride

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It's not legit unless you had a Hoka Potato from the Nibble On My Ear Stand #hokapotato #nibbleonmyear #gon2016

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So what's your favorite thing to eat at the pow wow? Is there any other type of food you'd like to be offered? I know when I work the music festivals back home we're always complaining about needing some vegetables in our lives. What else would be a great addition to the food court?

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