The Road to Gathering: Eric Bearspaw

The Road to Gathering: Eric Bearspaw

Eric Bearspaw has been coming to Gathering of Nations for 4 years from Alberta Canada. Eric is Nakota, Stoney, and said he would have been coming to Gathering a lot sooner in his life, but he was worried about the exchange rate between countries and whether or not the trip would be affordable to him. With some help from his Uncle, he was finally able to attend 4 years ago and has been coming since.


Eric grew up in the powwow circuit and traveled with his late parents from 1989 to about 1995 when his mother grew very ill from her Diabetes. Bearspaw is a Champion Jr Boys/Teen Traditional dancer. He enjoys coming to Gathering of Nations because it brings him back to when he was a boy. Bearspaw was taught to dance from his father. He knows many different styles but feels most comfortable in Traditional.

In 2010 Bearspaw’s Uncle brought him back into the Powwow circle. He feels peaceful when he dances and can feel the presence of his parents.

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