Native Profile – Randall Paskemin

Posted By Native Profiles August 1st, 2011 Last Updated on: September 8th, 2011

Full Name
Randall Paskemin

Plains Cree

Dance Style, Singer, MC?
Men's Grass

Where are uou originally from?

Where do you live now?
Salt Lake City,Utah

Marital Status?

Native American Profile - Randall Paskemin

Photo By Daniel Fisher

What is your upcoming Pow Wow schedule?
Saddle Lake,AB. Lame Deer,MT. Red Lake,MN.Prairie Island,MN North Battleford,Sask,Can Onion Lake,AB/Sask. Beardy's,Sask,Can(hopefully)

What's your favorite pow wows?
GON.Samson,AB.Shakopee,MN.Post Falls,ID.Morongo,CA.Rocky Boy,MT.Mayetta,KS.

Who are your favorite drums?
Blackfoot Crossing

Who are other Grass dancers do you admire?
All of them!

Who helped teach you to dance?
Nobody taught me how to dance,just went out there hoping nobody would laugh.

Who makes your outfits?
My wife Tiffany does all the sewing for our kids and I.

What transportation do you use to get to pow wows?
One of our two ponies(car or minivan).

Will gas prices affect your pow wow schedule?
Gas prices are high,it might affect where or when we go to a powwow.

What's your favorite music? favorite artists?
Pow-Wow, Rounddance, Native and Alternative music.
The Beatles, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, No Doubt, U2, Shania Twain.

What do you like to do when not at a pow wow?
Watch hockey,watch movies, beadwork, quillwork.

What's your favorite food?
Rabbit soup and Bannock(fried bread)

What advice would you give young people that look up to you?
Spend time with your family. Be humble. Treat others with respect. Sing and dance hard.

What is your most memorable pow wow moment?
I am fortunate to have many memorable moments. Whether it was singing with my sons,watching my kids dance for the first time, hugging my dad at Schemitzun, hugging my mom at Gathering, meeting my wife at Rocky Boy, singing with Northern Cree, seeing the most drum recorders ever surrounding Black Lodge at GON, singing with my brothers-uncles and cousins, sitting beside Northern Cree at my very first Pow Wow where I sang, hearing Ruben cuss at Durango.lol.

Photos by Daniel Fisher


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YO Randall – been listening to Blackstone since I was knee-high to a grass-hopper ….Love Blackstone 1st, where and what happened wit ‘Warscout’ – keep da Circle Strong!!!


I have a question about men’s moccasins. What kind of bells do u use and what kind of….fur? Is around the ankles?


Remember when we were in Toronto and Ben Lovejoy blew his whistle on Blackstone.You just sang a song for me in the rec, thats the song you busted out.WOW! You just dont know how good it felt to sing with you guys.1st time thru it was just us 2 singing.


bring back blackstone cree word singing, miss the old blackstone


Keep up the good singing and dancing Randy!!

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