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Native Profile – Erin Leigh Plumley-Whitecloud

NICKNAME Special people get to call me Babygirl...my friend Stacey likes to call me Old Broad though...lol. TRIBE(S) Otoe-Missouria WHAT STYLE DO YOU DANCE Southern Buckskin and Southern Cloth WHERE ARE YOU ORIGINALLY FROM This is a long answer, but here goes...lol. I was born in Rushville, Illinois. We moved...

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Native Profile – Warren Craig Queton

  Name Warren Craig Queton Tribes Kiowa, Seminole and Cherokee Nickname Chalak'ee, Grandpa Dance Style Southern Straight Where are you originally from? Fort Worth, TX What's your upcoming Pow Wow schedule? Oct 8-9, Kiowa Black Leggings Ceremonial Oct 29, Kiowa Tia-piah Society Halloween Pow-wow Where do you currently live? Blanchard,...

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Native Profile – Sharon Brokeshoulder

  Full name Sharon A. Brokeshoulder Nickname; “Joey” Tribe(s) Dine’, and Southern Ute tribe Dance Style Southern Cloth Where are you originally from? Morenci Arizona, my father worked for the 2nd largest Copper Mine in the World, called Phelps Dodge Corporation.  I was born and raised there in southern Arizona. ...

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Native Profile – Kenny Pratt Jr.

Name Kenneth Michael Pratt Jr. Nickname Kenny P, K.P, Recently K.P.Diddy Tribe Dakota/Lakota Tribes of Canada and United States Dance Style Men's Northern Fancy Feather Dancer/Singer as well. Where are you from? Sioux Valley, Manitoba, Canada Where do you live now? Currently in Sioux Valley, Manitoba, Canada Marital Status Separated/Divorced...

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Native Profile – Dora C. Birdshead

Name? Dora C. Old Elk, up until this Southern Arapaho snagged me, now I'm Dora C. Birdshead What is your nick name? To family and peeps that have known me since birth; Sissy, to my homies; D.O.E. Tribe(s)? Apsaalooke (Crow) and Ft. Peck Sioux What style do you dance? Northern...

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Native Profile – Randall Paskemin

Full Name Randall Paskemin Tribe(s) Plains Cree Dance Style, Singer, MC? Men's Grass Where are uou originally from? Sweetgrass,Saskatchewan,Canada Where do you live now? Salt Lake City,Utah Marital Status? Married [caption id="attachment_1628" align="alignright" width="328" caption="Photo By Daniel Fisher"][/caption] What is your upcoming Pow Wow schedule? Saddle Lake,AB. Lame Deer,MT. Red...

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Native Profile – Rusty Gillette

Name Russell Gillette Nickname Rusty, "Hooves" Tribe Arikara/Hidatsa Dance Style Grass Originally from? Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara) North Dakota Where presently living? Falls Church, VA (Washington DC area) Married or single? Married Upcoming powwow schedule? Hinckley, Cherokee, Four Bears 4th of July, White Shield, Shokapee, United Tribes, Black Hills,...

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Native Profile – Toni Tsatoke

What is your full name? Toni Tsatoke What tribe are you? Kiowa What is your nickname? My close friends refer to me as the Pictionary Champ ain't that right Ruben Littlehead? haha Where are you originally from? Carnegie Where are you living now? Norman Are you married or single (or...

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Ray Little Turtle

The Legacy of Ray Little Turtle By Kay Oxendine   On Monday, January 10, 2011, Ray Little Turtle crossed over to the spirit world.  While his loss is a great one for not just Native America, I am just thrilled at the notion that I had a chance to really...

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