Native Profile – Kenny Pratt Jr.

Posted By Native Profiles August 22nd, 2011 Last Updated on: August 14th, 2016

Kenneth Michael Pratt Jr.

Kenny P, K.P, Recently K.P.Diddy

Dakota/Lakota Tribes of Canada and United States

Dance Style
Men's Northern Fancy Feather Dancer/Singer as well.

Where are you from?
Sioux Valley, Manitoba, Canada

Where do you live now?
Currently in Sioux Valley, Manitoba, Canada

Marital Status

Native Profile - Kenny Pratt Jr - 2011 Gathering of Nations

Kenny Pratt Jr. at 2011 Gathering of Nations

Upcoming Pow Wow Schedule?
Sioux Valley Powwow, Peguis Powwow, Spirit Lake Powwow, Fisher River Powwow, Rocky Boy Powwow, Dakota Dunes Powwow, Standing Buffalo Powwow, Shakopee Powwow.

What's your favorite Pow Wow?
Gathering of Nations Powwow is my favorite, the crowd, food, drums, mc’s; it's an all around great powwow to go to every year.

Who is your favorite drum?
My Favorite Drum would be High Noon for the old style drums, contemporary drum would be Northern Cree for the explosive power and jazzy leads.

Who are singers and dancers you admire?
Singers I admire are the ones who know how to keep their Drum and singers equal. I admire Kenny Pratt Sr., my Father who has taught me a lot around that drum.  Others I see around the powwow trail are Kenny Merrick Jr., Hokie Clairmont, Steve Wood, Randy Paskemin, Ron and Ted Noon, Darrel Zephier, Crow Belcourt to name a few.  Dancers I admire along the pow wow trail are mainly families you learn so much from them.  I admire Randy & Tiffany Paskemin I have seen them these past 10 years I admire this couple for the dedication they have to family as well as friends they treat everybody great.. I also admire Ardell Scelplock, he's helped me so much throughout this year, it's been a pretty tough year. He helped me keep my head up high and deal with life as it comes and keep moving forward. I'd like to thank these people I've named they are truly people I'd admire and look up to on the trail..

Who taught you to dance and sing?
My Mom Elaine Hall Pratt, my Father Kenny Pratt Sr. They helped me throughout my dancing career, I am deeply thankful for my parents taking me to pow wows, helping me with gas money, rooms, etc.. They done so much for me to help me grow as a person and to teach me the values of dancing… My Grandpa the late Soloman Hall and my Grandma Mary Hall taught me the aspect of helping and the teachings of the circle, the ways of the old people, generations ago, when pow wow first came along the good ways of the Dakota people…I thank them all for teaching me the ways I know of dancing and singing for the people for that I am grateful and love them for that.

Native Profile - Kenny Pratt Jr. at 2011 Gathering of Nations

Kenny Pratt Jr. at 2011 Gathering of Nations

Who makes your outfits?
Me, Elaine Hall Pratt, Kenny Pratt Sr., my long time friend Jolynn Begay. They all helped me… I beaded most of the designs and eagles, while my parents both beaded most designs and all of the background on my new beadwork. Jolynn Begay helped me with my sewing of my new beadwork, as well as shirts she has made for me… Very thankful for them that they helped me make my beadwork.

How do you get to Pow Wows?
I use my own car to get around to pow wow to pow wow.

Will gas prices affect your Pow Wow schedule?
The gas prices won't affect my travel at all, but some states it takes a toll on the prices. I just take it as it comes because each state is different.

What's your favorite type of music? Favorite artists?
I like hip hop and r & b music. artists are Trey Songs, Usher, Ludacris, Chris Brown, there music and lyrics make you feel like you can relate to the music they want you to hear.

What other skills to you have?
I have computer skills, marketing skills, web design skills.

[ad#rectangle]What's your day job?
Unemployed at the moment. Although I do have contract jobs with my mother working on Graphic Arts Programs..

What do you like to do when you aren't at a Pow Wow?
I enjoy movies, restaurants, traveling to other places that are really amazing. sightseeing, also enjoy visiting with friends and family.

What's your favorite food?
Seafood, Italian, French, Mexican, can't forget American Foods they all have their different tastes and excellent foods.

What advice to you have for others?
Follow your dreams, because dreams do come true. Remember who you are and where you came from. Never forget your elders they have taught us so much and have done so much to keep our traditions alive.

What's your favorite Pow Wow moement?
In 1989 at Hinckley, MN Pow wow, I've choose to be a Fancy Feather Dancer thanks to Yellow Hammer, Cozad for their songs that made me dance when I was a little boy. Recently in 2010 Gatherings of Nations Men's Northern Fancy Dance Champion. As well as being next year’s 2012 Gatherings Of Nation Headman Dancer.

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Melina Messer

Awesome regalia love all the bright colors keep Dancing and keep the tradition strong Pow-wows have always been the heart and Soul of Native people and always will be even in the youngest of Dancers it runs deep in their veins as well as their parents and grandparents alike.

Louise Hall

Beautiful! is all I can say; to my nephew who does his utmost to preserve the ways of our people. From a little tot to a man; he brings out great pride & joy for our family. A positive role model for our youth… and yes dreams do come true…

Kansas Domenech

Would you please provide me with at least a link to the latest and greatest happenings and pow wows of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Thank you.

Paul G

Here is what we have listed for your state – http://bit.ly/HadbkV

Denise Pratt

So very proud of my big brother/cousin.. He makes the whole family proud by doing what he does.


awesome profile! I love to watch him at powwows… a great dancer! keep up the dancing man! =)

Elaine Hall-Pratt

As a mother it is extremely wonderful to see your son grow up to be a level headed adult. Despite what life throws at him he learned to accept and grow with it. I am sooo very proud of him. Bdihedichiya hun – Continue to be a strong Dakota/Lakota man.

Julia Cordero

wonderful to hear story and proud of u keep up in the future. u should thanks ur parent and grandparent who help and show love as support


Great interview! Thanks for sharing with us!


How proud your parents must be!!! Great profile!


Keep Up the Good Dancing Kenny…

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