Native Profile – Nitanis Emily Largo

Posted By Paul G August 15th, 2011 Last Updated on: August 14th, 2016

Nitanis Emily Largo

“Kit”  which comes from “Kitagagose-Kwe” which is my Ojibwe/Indian name

Anishinawbe! – Ojibwe

Dance Style
I'm a back-up singer and Jingle dancer

Where are you from?
Originally from Atikameksheng Anishinawbek, Whitefish Lake Fist Nation in Ontario, Canada

Where are you living now?
I'm homeless! jk. Well I'm currently back in my hometown until September while my husband is deployed to Japan. He's a Marine. Once he's home, we'll be back in San Diego, CA.

Native American Profile - Kit Largo

Kit Largo at Gathering of Nations

Marital Status?
Newlywed!! :DD

What is your upcoming powwow schedule?
Staying close to home this summer until the Cali circuit in Sept. Sarnia ON, Bay Mills MI, Grand River ON, Keshena WI, Sycaun CA, Black Hills ND

What’s your favorite powwows?
Manito Ahbee Winnipeg MB! I've only been there once–but it was rockin!! Great singing and dancing, and full of energy! Hope to make it there again soon!!

Who are your favorite drums?
High Noon, Mandaree, Cree Confeds, Young Spirit, Big Bear, NC, Thunderhill, Southern Outlaws to name a few!

Who are other dancers and singers  you admire?
Delia Waskewitch & Robin Deconte have been my idols since I was young and started to sing. Ulahli was a group I loved too! But there are SO many awsome women singers now my list would go on and on! … As a dancer, I love watching the powwow and dancers. It's funny when you're so into watching someone jam out and you feel your leg or foot move cuz you're getting into watching them! haha Or is that just me? ha jk
Who helped teach you to dance and sing?
As a singer: My dad is a musician and he was the one who brought the vocals out in me from his music, but it was my late Aunt Eleanor who took me to the drum to sing when I was a kid. To this day there are times when I go to my dad and ask for “vocal lessons” lol

As a dancer: My mother and aunties were the one who taught me to dance. My parents would take us to powwows when we were little and I remember watching my mom and aunties jingle dance. When I started dancing again as an adult, I wanted to dance in the way that I was taught.

Who makes your outfits?
My floral beadwork was done by my cousin Nicole “K'Chitwa” Cada. I always remember her beading, even when we were young. And now her work is seen all over indian country! My black velvet beadwork was done by myself and my sister Shkebe. I'm not much of a beader or sewer, but I do what I can and have fun! Shkebe used to make all my dresses too, but now I've learned to make my own! :DD

Native American Profile - Kit Largo

Click to watch Kit Largo sing

What transportation do you use to get to powwows?
I spoiled myself the past two years in flying to a lot of powwows. But sometimes I find a good long road trip is fun! Most of the time I'll travel in my car, or my husbands truck.

Will gas prices affect your powwow schedule?
I don't think the gas prices will effect where I wanna go, they haven't yet… But I live by “the force” lol.. Where there's a will, there's a way! haha

Whats your favorite music? favorite artists?
I love country, R&B, reggae, powwow, classical piano, blues. Josh Turner, Miranda Lambert, Aretha Franklin, Jazmine Sullivan, Gyptian, Tanya Stephens, Black Keys to name a few

What other domestic skills do you have? Whats your day job?
My day, evening and night job is being a registered practical nurse. I work shift work so my schedule is all over the map, but I love it! And my powwow schedule revolves around my work schedule, so I usually have to plan in advance where I'm headed.

What do you like to do when not at a powwow?
I like being outdoors, taking my dog Cedrick on walks, runs or hikes. If I had a boat I'd be on that boat! I'm pretty much down for anything that sounds fun and in good company. I like going to the movies, the beach, museums and parks.

Kit Largo Singing Southern Man

Click to Watch Kit Largo Singing Southern Man with Thunder Hill

Whats your favorite food?
Mongolian grill!!! I could live off stir fry!

What advice would you give young people that look up to you?
Never give up, and don't let anything get in the way of your dreams and goals! Live each day to the fullest–especially with those you love and care for! Make good and healthy choices and stay positive!

What is your most memorable powwow moment?
Singing “Southern Man” for the first time at a powwow in Tama!! I was so nervous and shy! My mouth was dry, I couldn't remember the words (lol), but I did it! And it was a great feeling!


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I co-host a Native American radio program in Lincoln, NE. It broadcasts every Sunday from 6:30-8pm CT and is on the web at http://www.kzum.org. We air pow wow jams, hand drum, Peyote music and more. We play Kit with A. Smith and C. Toppah. We get requests for their song “Southern Man”. I feel good when listeners call and request a Native American song. Check out the show sometime, we air every week and have more info at http://www.myspace.com/thedrum402. Ahooo


Hey Kit, loved your interview!! Congrats on getting married!


We get to see Kit dancing at some of the Southern Calif powwows, she is an excellent representative for her Nation.

I first saw Kit in a very nice green jingle dress, but this red-colored dress suits her well.

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