2012 PowWows.com Member’s Choice Award Winners

Posted By Paul G February 6th, 2013 Last Updated on: February 6th, 2013

The PowWows.com Member’s Choice Awards are a way for us to recognize excellence for events, dancers, and singers for this past year.

2012 PowWows.com Member's Choice Award Winners

  • Best Pow Wow – Gathering of Nations
  • Best Contest Pow Wow – Morongo
  • Pow Wow with the Best Food – Gathering of Nations
  • Pow Wow with the Best Vendors – Gathering of Nations
  • Best Overall Female – Joyce Bird
  • Best Overall Male – Wayne Silas Jr
  • Best MC – Rueben Littlehead
  • Best AD – George “Cricket” Shields
  • Best Golden Age Female – Linda Tsontekoy
  • Best Golden Age Male – Jim Red Eagle
  • Best Northern Drum – Northern Cree
  • Best Southern Drum – Wild Band of Comanches
  • Best Northern Cloth Dancer – Tasha Goodwill
  • Best Southern Cloth Dancer – Dee Dee Goodeagle
  • Best Northern Buckskin Dancer – Tasha Goodwill
  • Best Southern Buckskin Dancer – Danita Goodwill
  • Best Fancy Shawl Dancer – Joyce Bird
  • Best Jingle Dancer – BJ McDaniel
  • Best Chicken Dancer – Roster Top Sky
  • Best Fancy Feather Dancer – Wayne Silas Jr
  • Best Grass Dancer – Adam Nordwall
  • Best Northern Traditional Dancer – Novi Smith
  • Best Straight Dancer – Terry Tsotigh
  • Best Vendor – Canyon Records
  • Best Sound System – Dale Roberts
  • Best Contest Tabulators – C&T Tabulators

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david lee gurthie

hello i think that if you are good enough to win and you work hard to keep your first place then nobody should say that their is a fixed winning . i think that is vary unfair to say becouse im native american and i dont do things like that i trust in the lord and im sure that my brothers and sisters dont do unfair things as well .respectfully david lee gurthie


All the above are the usual winners. Same ol same ol. Sorry guys but their are way more talented dancers that are not being recognized. It’s all about who you know and who’s family your from to get any recognition. Sad but true..thanks but no thanks:(

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