Missouri Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Last Updated on: July 29th, 2011

Glenna J. Wallace (Chief) Address Seneca MO 64865 Website: http://www.easternshawnee.org

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Melissa Callahan

I have always been told there was Cherokee blood in our family. How do I find out?


My grandmother told me that I have Cherokee blood but when asked questions she would never talk about it. Most of my life I’ve wanted to know what and if it was true and how much. I am always told by people that they can see the indian in me. I know it but want to know for sure. How can I find this information without exhausting myself. I am 69 years young and in search for my true blood line. Thanks for all your help.


Growing up my Grandmother stated several times of our families past as Cherokee. When questioned further about it, she became angry and stated “we will speak of it no more”
So, as I believe my “Elder” much more than the politics of the “Rez”, I accept that per family stories that I am at least in part Cherokee. I do not need a piece of paper telling me what I may or may not be.

Martha Rivers

I would like to know about my native History. My grand mother on my moms side was from M0,Her maiden name was Cora Leonard She passed in 1917. Thanks


I was adopted through Catholic Charities in 1966 in St. Louis, Mo. All I know is that my biological parents passed to is my Greek, Irish, and American ancestry links. How would I determine what Native American Tribe (and what percentage) I have. Thanks in advance.


missouri native on fathers side not sure what tribe greatgrandmother lula belonged to she raised daughter anne nevins as white and anne’s son fred (my father ) also as white he died 1973 great grandmather died 1969 and grandmother anne died when he was little of cancer i know they also lived for a time in oklahoma on reservation as my father had pictures . Greatgrandmother was born lula ruby or lula wren she married nevins grandmother anne nevins married anthony (married name)father was 2 or three when she died and they were living in oklahoma at that time so im not sure of which tribe in missouri and would like to know as am proud of heritage . can you help

Papa Nyk

I am a 70 yo full time college student at Meramec Community College, St L., MO. What I would like to do is see a Native Peoples presence on campus so I am forming a Native Peoples Club. I feel it is something that’s been long needed in this area and I know a couple of history professors agree with me but we’re not sure how to go about getting help from local Native People. I am looking for wise council from anyone who might be able to assist us.

John W

Papa Nyk I’m interested in participating.

[email protected]

Starr Tawny Eagle

I can give you a detailed history of Indigenous Peoples in Missouri.


Hi my name is Laura. I live in New Zealand but my mum and dad are Native American, they have told me somethings about it but they haven’t told me a tribe or anything. How can I find this out? They don’t what tribe.


Hi my name is Eli Hale and I was wondering on how to register myself cause I would like to know how much Native American I have in me? Thanks

Theresa S Dominguez-Jarrett

I was just wondering how I go about finding out how much native american I am. Both sides of my family is registered but the information is hard for me to get my hands on. How would I go about finding the information myself. I really appreciate your time and information you can give me. Thanks so much.

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