Mississippi Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Last Updated on: July 29th, 2011

Beasley Denson (Tribal Chief) Address Choctaw MS 39350 Website: http://www.choctaw.org

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Diana Gregory

Ada was my great great grandmother. I was also always told that we were Cherokee. Haven’t found anything to verify.

cynthia chambers

my grandmother ada francis daisy beesinger was supposed to be cherokee but i cant afford ancestry at the moment how can i find out without paying a fortune can anyone help me thank you cindy

Gloria Wallace

Hello everyone , my grandmother and great grandmother and mother was Cherokee, and i would like to find out more information, but i don’t know when my great grandmother or grandmother was born . but i do know when my mother was born march 13-37. I would like to know more about getting an Indian name or how that is done .I love listening to the music and watch you all dance .



Ann Lundy

My father was in a tribe in Philadelphia Mississippi and I am trying to find out what tribe he was a member of. He was born in 1897. Was wondering if you know how I might find out?

Ken McElmurry

I have a photo of my great grandmother and my mothers family history book. I am of the opinion that my great grandmother was full blood Miss. Choctaw. How can I verify this?? I am at a loss of where to go! Thank you for any help you might offer.

Barbara Campbell

My name is Barbara Campbell maiden Name Whitley Mothers Last names Gates, I have reason to believe that I may have a native blood I want to donate bone marrow and I have been trying to trace my heritage both my father and mother are said to have Native hertiage and are from Mississippi if you can assist me I will be ever so greatful.

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