Indigenous Water Activist Autumn Peltier’s Speech at the UN General Assembly

Posted By Paul G April 3rd, 2018 Last Updated on: April 3rd, 2018

The 13 years old indigenous water activist shared her speech at the UN General Assembly.

Autumn said, “Our water deserves to be treated as human, with human rights. We need to acknowledge our waters with personhood, so we can protect our waters,” she added.

According to her, water should not be for sale.

The indigenous water activist said, “We all have a right to this water as we need it. Not just rich people, all people. No one should have to worry if the water is clean or if they will run out of water,” she added.

She also mentioned that no child should grow up not knowing what clean water is, or never knowing what running water is.

Autumn said, “Mr. President, we need to work together. Now is the time to warrior up and empower each other to stand for our planet. We need to sustain in the little we have now and develop ways not to pollute the environment and sustain the relationship with Mother Earth and save what we have left,” she added.

Watch her full speech by clicking the video below.

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Paul Luna

Just like the land.we.live on white people sell it like they own it. Jehovah put this land for everyone . And I agree waters free I should have a monthly bill and if don’t pay it .water get cut off ! Jehovah put water there for everyone!

Jonell Adams

Thank you lil’ one for speaking out.

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