This Inuit Artist Combines Inuktitut Lyrics with Modern Rhythms

This Inuit Artist Combines Inuktitut Lyrics with Modern Rhythms

Originally from Sanikiluaq, Nunavut, Kelly Fraser has performed countless concerts across Canada, especially the Arctic (Nunavut and Nunavik), where she is extremely well-known.

Like many other Inuit, Kelly has been through many personal struggles, ranging from substance abuse, the loss of her father and others to suicide, to name only a few. Kelly uses her pain as inspiration to make art that can positively impact other native youth. She seeks to spread her messages of joy, healing, and cultural pride through a blend of traditional Inuit music and modern production.

Her new album is influenced by contemporary pop, EDM, and hip-hop. Kelly sings and raps in both English and Inuktitut, seamlessly blending the two languages with her powerful, insightful, and politically-relevant lyrics. Her goal is to make the music speak to both Inuit and Qallunaat (“southerners”).

Besides her busy schedule as a recording and performing artist, Kelly teaches songwriting, does motivational speaking, and helps organize Nunavut Hitmakerz, a project which aims to give underprivileged youth opportunities to learn creative expression and technical skills. She is also currently completing her degree in Native Studies at NVIT in British Columbia, and hopes to become a lawyer through the new Nunavut-based law program.

Make sure you follow along with Kelly on her Facebook page: She recently announced on there that she had some Christmas songs to share with everyone via her Soundcloud page and I can only imagine how beautiful her voice sounds on those songs!

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2 Comments on “This Inuit Artist Combines Inuktitut Lyrics with Modern Rhythms”

  • Avatar for Jonell Adams

    Jonell Adams


    Kelly, thank you for being you and who you are. Especially for the youth. They need someone just like you, who has been there and survived. Were losing too many of our children to the world. They need positive young adults to show them the way. Thank you for sharing and giving. You are awesome. You also made my prayer list.

  • Avatar for Donna Sanchez

    Donna Sanchez


    Dagot’ee My daughter and I love your music. Ahíhi’é.

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