How to Say Hello | Cherokee, Apache, Blackfoot, Lakota | Native American

Posted By Paul G March 26th, 2011 Last Updated on: January 5th, 2022

Do you ever wonder how to say hello in different tribal languages?

Perhaps you're curious about indigenous culture or you want to learn more about your own tribal linguism.

Here are a few simple greetings you can easily learn in a few Native American languages:



Dakota and Lakota Sioux

Objiwa Chippewa

Yupik Eskimo




Source: The Indian Way CD by Mark Thiel

Purchase the Indian Way CD from Noc Bay

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[…] How to say Hello | Cherokee, Apache, Blackfoot, Lakota … […]

Jonathan Evans

(O-Si-Yo)Hello my question is where do I find a book or knowledge on learning Iroquoian Cherokee language

Consuelo Perez

I’ve just found out through DNA test that I am 43% Native American…..how do I find my tribe???

Lu Valdez

I really hope you didn’t suggest to start in Mexico and move south because of the Spanish name she has. Allot of southwestern Natives including myself have Spanish colonizer names. I’m US native on my mother’s side and Mexican native on my father’s. And both in-fact are native to the Americas.

N8tive patriot565

Start in Mexico and follow your way down the line until you reach panama!..these DNA company’s lump in all those Spanish speaking countries as a generalization to indigenous people to the continent of North America.in the vast majority of cases It does not mean the n8tive American tribes of the United States.


You know most those are fake or inaccurate I’m not sure but i see ppl come to the group I’m in and get slaughtered when they state that a DNA test is thier proff. But any who it’s pretty much on a tribe by tribe kinda grouping so it’s gonna be tough but i think the Cherokee Facebook group will search dang near everyone for you they’ll help you find what tribe

Tobie Fletcher

Hello. I have what may be an ignorant question, but I’d like to know the answer. On the television series “Grizzly Adams” Nacoma (Don Shanks) would greet Adams using a word which sounded something like ‘shotazhi’. I don’t know to what tribe Nacoma was supposed to have been a member and I’ve always wondered what that word means. I assumed it was ‘hello’. I named my cat that word and never knew how to spell it, but I love the word. Is it made up? Thank you in advance for any response.


Miyaxwen is also a way to say Hello in Desert Cahuilla
(the x is silent)

Elizabeth Warren


Thank you my great new and even friendly natives. I love you guys so much, vote for me–twice if you can!

No hard feelings, right? After all, it was just a little white lie–one of those would never hurt anyone!

Elizabeth Warren

Koi runningcoyote

funny how u can’t use the word lie without making it white. Lol

Edward Hammond

My mother and grand mother, her cousins,my aunts and uncles used to say buzhu to say hello in the ottawa language, here in the last twenty years or so, I learned another way, they say aanii.

Charlie Smith


Large public school district in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Would like to have native american performers (dancers/singers) for an event on October 25, 2012 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Please advise,

Charlie Smith
Elizabeth Public Schools
(908) 436 – 5040


I am interested in learning all I can.. My heart desires the native ways..

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