Future Indian Powwow Princess

Posted By Charlie Ballard May 10th, 2016 Last Updated on: May 11th, 2016

The 2016 powwow season is officially under way and Jeanine Lomaintewa (Paiute & Hopi) of Bishop, California., is on the powwow trail.

Jeanine is currently running for the Sr. Miss Pabanamanina Powwow Princess and came to the 45th Annual Stanford Powwow to sell raffle tickets and raise awareness about their upcoming powwow from September 23rd – 25th!

Apart of running for the Pabanamanina Powwow Princess, the candidates must sell at least 200 raffle tickets, when I met Jeanine, she was circulating the arena, introducing herself to the crowds and selling tickets.  When asked how many tickets she sold so far, she mentioned already selling well over the required 200 minimum.  Way to go Jeanine!

Its always great to see young Native women vying to be our next community representatives! I could tell Jeanine will have a bright future in her community because she's motivated, a people person and has a great smile! #Goodluck #BishopPabanamaninaPowwow

For more info about the 2016 Bishop Pabanamanina Powwow, click below!



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ciara parsons

good luck to you.

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