Buckskin Dancing

Buckskin Dancing

Posted By Paul G July 21st, 2011 Last Updated on: June 19th, 2019

One of the oldest form of  Native American Women's Dance is Buckskin. This is a dance of elegance and grace. The movement is smooth and flowing.

The ladies wear fine, hand-crafted buckskin dresses, decorated with intricate bead designs. Northern dresses are fully beaded on the shoulders, or cape. Southern ones, the beadwork is mainly used to accent. They are equally beautiful. The women carry fringed shawls over one arm.

Much like the Men's Traditional dance, there are many differences in the ouftitting of this women's style among the various Native American tribes. The jewelry is breath taking. Breastplates made from hair bone pipe, and glass beads can hang to the waist, or all the way to the ankles.

The latter is Northern, the former, Southern. Hair barrettes are hand beaded, and beaded pieces for the fur that hangs from the lady's hair can be quite intricate indeed. Some ladies, who have either been princesses, or the younger ones who are princesses still, wear beaded crowns, given to them by their societies. The moccasins are either fully beaded (Northern), or accent beaded (Southern).

Ladies' Buckskin Dancing is slow, and poised. Circling the drum, they bob to the beat of the drum, letting the long fringe on their sleeves sway in time. They carry a beaded purse, swinging it as well, and a shawl, folded on the arm, swaying likewise.

These highly respected American Indian women dance in rhythm with the Drum by swaying and slightly bending at their knees. These movements are very slight. This slight movement, however, creates a beautiful effect in moving their leather fringe in a breezy swaying motion. Northern dresses usually have fully beaded yokes, while Southern dresses have applique beadwork.

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  1. bert elkriver says:

    I am seeking information of the meanings/representations to these dances. can someone help me?

  2. trina smith says:

    I am 73 year old and would like to sell my brain tan buck skin wing dress. it is fully beaded and complete with hand bag, but bag, knife and sheath, fire starter bag, beaded belt. fully beaded leggings and moccasins (size 8 1/2) the primary colors are red, blue, purple and turquoise. the beaded pattern is a wild rose in 4 different stages of blooming. Could you help me find some one to buy my gear that will respect it and us it. I need to make repairs to my home and do not have any one to pass it down to who will us it.
    thank you.
    grandma trina. at (360)678 6403 OR [email protected]

  3. i was wondering if anyone can help me I would really like to learn more about buckskin dance and hopefully get to learn how to dance. I’m Luiseno and Diegueno. I would really be thankful.

  4. littlefawn says:

    i am looking for a buk skin dress. do you have any for sale? and what is the price?

  5. Patricia says:

    Hello, I am looking for an Indian Pow wow to see. Do you
    have any coming up near Ohio or in Ohio this October?
    Please let us know.

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