Fancy Shawl Dancing

Fancy Shawl Dancing

Posted By Paul G July 21st, 2011 Pow Wow

Ladies Fancy Shawl is the newest form of Native American Women's Dance, and is quite athletic! Fancy Shawl is often called Northern Shawl, as it does come form the Northern Tribes along the U.S. and Canadian Border.

This is very similar in dancing and the bright colors to the Men's Fancy Dance. The ladies wear their shawls over their shoulders, and dance by jumping and spinning around, keeping time with the music. They mimic butterflies in flight, and the dance style is quite graceful and light.

Emphasis is paid particularly to the shawls, with elaborate designs, applique, ribbon work, and painting. Long fringe hangs from the edges of the shawl, and flies round.

Find out more in the fancy shawl forum.

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16 thoughts on “Fancy Shawl Dancing

  1. Would anyone like to read my story for children about fancy shawl dancing? I wrote it with the help of my Native friend, but I want to check it for accuracy and authenticity. Please let me know – thanks!

    PS I am planning on submitting the story to “Highlights” magazine for children.

  2. kamiyah (afro-blackfoot -siksika- piikuni ) says:

    are there any pow wows in florida for all tribes.

  3. kamiyah (afro-blackfoot -siksika- piikuni ) says:

    are there and pow wows in florida that are for all tribe because i dont want to travel all the way to browning Montana or alberta canada just to dance then come all the way back it really wastes money…. usually i only see seminole indians or choctaw over here doing pow wows and events

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