Building Disc Golf Courses In Indigenous Communities – Partners With Paul McBeth Foundation

Building Disc Golf Courses In Indigenous Communities – Partners With Paul McBeth Foundation

Paul McBeth is a professional disc golfer with more than 10 major tournament wins including 6 World Championships.  McBeth created a foundation to help grow the sport of disc golf.

I personally started playing the sport seriously during the pandemic.  I got back into disc golf because of Paul McBeth.  Watching his Youtube videos inspired me to give the sport another try. I play several times a week now!

In addition, last year sponsored Leah Tsinajinnie on the Disc Golf Pro Tour.  

When I heard about McBeth's new projects, I wanted to get involved! has made a donation to the foundation to help with the development of these courses.

I need YOUR help too!

Please consider making a contribution to the Paul McBeth Foundation!

We have set up a special donation page for this project!

Donate To Indigenous Disc Golf Course Project

About this Project:

Chief Kitsap Academy:

Chief Kitsap Academy, a tribal compact school for 6th through 12th graders in Poulsbo, Washington, is “committed to delivering culturally-based learning environments that prepare each student for a successful future.” As part of the Suquamish Tribe, the school serves as an ideal location to introduce disc golf to the community.

Through a partnership with the West Sound Disc Golf Association, the Paul McBeth Foundation will complete the design and installation of a nine-hole course on the school grounds in the summer of 2023. This exciting project will not only provide a new opportunity for Suquamish youth and families to engage in physical activity, but it will also serve as a means of preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the Suquamish Tribe.

UDisc will be the primary sponsor of this course and has donated the baskets required for the project.

Čhaŋkú Wašté Ranch:

Čhaŋkú Wašté Ranch, located just outside the stunning Badlands National Park in South Dakota, is located within the Pine Ridge Reservation. The nine-hole disc golf course that the Paul McBeth Foundation is building in partnership with DiscGolfPark and Avery Jenkins is uniquely designed to complement the ranch's mostly open terrain.

This course will serve the reservation's youth population who attend summer camps hosted by Čhaŋkú Wašté Ranch every year. Apart from these camps, the ranch also partners with community members to create safe and healthy living spaces and offers wellness programs to the Oglala Lakota Tribal Community. By introducing disc golf to this already robust program, the ranch will further support its community and provide yet another means of promoting physical activity, mental wellness, and social engagement. We expect to complete this project in the summer of 2023.

“Our mission at Čhaŋkú Wašté Ranch is to give everyone in our community access to a restored life,' Executive Director Matt Hadden said.”This disc golf course will allow us to provide access to recreation through a sport that has not had a lot of exposure in our community. I am excited to see how quickly it will catch on.”

Why Indigenous Communities?

One of our core focus areas is indigenous communities, as most do not have access to the sport of disc golf.

Indigenous communities in the United States have been historically marginalized and exploited, making them some of the most vulnerable populations in the country. We see disc golf as an opportunity to give back to these communities by providing a fun and accessible way to promote physical activity, mental wellness, and social engagement. This effort reflects the foundation's commitment to promoting disc golf as a tool for positive change and its belief that everyone should have access to the benefits of this exciting and rewarding sport.

About the Paul McBeth Foundation

Most disc golfers are very aware of who Paul McBeth is and what he has done on disc golf courses over the last 15+ years. They may not know as much about his passion for bringing the joys and benefits of disc golf to as many new people as possible. Paul is where he is today because disc golf was available to him in a setting that typically would not have had accessible disc golf courses. Paul would like to see future generations in similar areas have a chance to learn life lessons and experience the joy and community that playing disc golf affords. The Paul McBeth Foundation is Paul's vehicle to make this happen!

Paul McBeth Foundation Introduction


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