Why the Reservation Will Always Call You Home

Why the Reservation Will Always Call You Home

All Indigenous people have made an unspoken promise to the land that we inhabit, as well as any lands we may visit, to always honor and respect it. We also have a deep attachment to where we come from, Turtle Island, or further reaches, as it is the land where our people originated. We have a responsibility to care for Grandmother Earth every day of our lives, so that our children and their children, will learn to love and enjoy it, just as we did.

Many of us are fortunate enough to grow up and reside where our stories come from, where our sacred sites are and to see them on a daily basis. While our reservations were not our original land, they are where we call home and we know that the land will always call you back eventually.

Read on and view the series of images for why I always return to the place I call home:

For me, it's the cool breeze in April after it rains.

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Or how familiar the damp earth smells.

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Visiting places that stir up feelings deep inside of you that you never knew you had.

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How the best gym is in nature.


And how the best fun is always unplanned on a nice day.

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That your best friend goes wherever you do, and isn't always human.

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Memories that will live forever in your heart.

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And are on repeat in your mind.

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How easy the living is.


How the view from the top always puts things into perspective.


And how hard is it to leave.



All photos are of the Pine Ridge Reservation, the Black Hills of South Dakota and were taken by Tara Rose Weston, Oglala Lakota. She is a freelance photographer, videographer and blogger. Keep up with her on Instagram @tararoseco.

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  • Avatar for Drew Waepew-Awaehsaeh

    Drew Waepew-Awaehsaeh


    Well,Standing-PROUD as a Menominee-Indian………..OUR Reservation IS INDEED………..located ON OUR “Original” lands!!! For we are the ONLY Native-Tribe out of the over 500-Native-Tribes that can SAY THAT!!! For we once lived greatly across,what is now,the entire state of Wisconsin,the eastern-part of Minnesota and the western-part of Michigan!!! Our Chief Osh-Kosh back in the early 1800’s REFUSED to LEAVE our homeland when we were ordered by the U.S. Govt. to share a useless chunk of land in Minnesota with a few other Native-Tribes!!! Instead of “fighting” over the matter,Our Chief calmly spoke to members of the Govt. and convinced them that our People would be Happiest,staying RIGHT WHERE WE WERE!!! PERIOD!!! It was accepted by our Govt. and we were given only 375,000 acres out of the almost 10-million we once inhabited before the White-man came. So,sharing this little bit of knowledge with You all,I proudly say,our Rez IS OUR HOME!!!

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