First Native Owned Boutique and Gallery opens in Rapid City, SD

First Native Owned Boutique and Gallery opens in Rapid City, SD

In the past, Rapid City hasn't had the best reputation with treating the diverse population with fairness and equality. Three Affiliated Tribes artist, dancer and now business owner, Lauren GoodDay Giago, along with her sister and mother, prove that it's possible to operate a fully Native owned and staffed business in the heart of the historic city.

(L-R) Vanessa Frank, Lauren GoodDay Giago and their mother, Deb Painte


Sage & Silver Americana is a modern western wear boutique located in downtown Rapid City, where most of the storefronts are largely owned by non-natives. Inside, you can find anything from boots, apparel and beautiful beadwork and quillwork to turquoise and silver jewelry. Sage & Silver also boasts a wide range of contemporary Native American artwork by Giago herself, as well as other Native and Non-native artists.



Giago opened the doors of Sage & Silver in October of 2014, after going through Kimberly Tilsen-Brave Heart, a business consultant at Painted Skye Management, who helped her develop a business plan.


A Grand Opening was held on May 8-9th, 2015, which consisted of city officials and media being present for a ribbon cutting and celebration. There were sales, live entertainment, refreshments and giveaways, which many attendees took advantage of. Several customers, both Native and Non-Native, noticed my camera and asked what I was doing, expressing how beautiful the event and boutique are and how happy they are to see Natives succeeding.



Ojibwe Flutist, Darren Thompson, was the first entertainer of the weekend, setting an ambience to the event with beautiful and comforting sounds. Cat Clifford, local musician, was also present to grace customers with his country-rock melodies.


Giago graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Sante Fe, NM in 2013 with a degree in Indigenous Liberal Studies and has her pieces in collections and museums around the world. You can find more of her artwork on her website,, or stop on by Sage & Silver at 629 Main St. to see for yourself all of the beautiful things they have to offer.

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All photos taken by Tara Rose Weston, Oglala Lakota, visual artist and blogger from the Pine Ridge Reservation. Keep up with her on Instagram @tararoseco.

17 Comments on “First Native Owned Boutique and Gallery opens in Rapid City, SD”

  • Avatar for Harriett Skye, Ph.D.

    Harriett Skye, Ph.D.


    Congratulations to the new entrepreneurs in Rapid City, S.D. I love your store and how you have arranged everything. There is lots to see. Best wishes for a successful business. Hariett Skye, Ph.D.

  • Avatar for Julie



    If you publish a catalog, please let me know.

  • Avatar for Beth



    Wished you had an online store/website that a person could order from. I would be your first customer!

  • Avatar for Mary A. Brooks

    Mary A. Brooks


    I am hoping that we can order on line or a catalog. I would love to see all of your items that you will be selling.

  • Avatar for Valerian Three Irons

    Valerian Three Irons


    Congratulations Deb and girls!!!
    Another feather in the bonnet of the TAT. Giving you encouragement and best wishes. The good things in this life are never easy. Hope to stop in and do some shopping.

  • Avatar for Ligneau Pascal

    Ligneau Pascal


    de très belle choses
    envoyez vous en France

  • Avatar for Carol Johnston

    Carol Johnston


    I’m So Happy For You!I Was Wondering If You Had Catalog,Online OrPaper That We Could Order From? I’m In Florida So Won’t Be Out There Until Next Year- Again ,Congratulations,and Blessings!

  • Avatar for deb hood

    deb hood


    Wishing you much success!

  • Avatar for Jeanne Hunt

    Jeanne Hunt


    The store looks wonderful. Congrats and much success in your new venture! Any thoughts on an online store as well? Jeanne Hunt

  • Avatar for Theresa Swan-End Of Horn

    Theresa Swan-End Of Horn


    Hello since I don’t travel much I would like to know when we are able to order online. Good luck on your new store. Thank you. Theresa End Of Horn.

  • Avatar for julie Kurt

    julie Kurt


    Will you be open during sturgis would love to stop in then.

  • Avatar for Patty



    It is what we all needed! Thanks!

  • Avatar for kenny vezeau

    kenny vezeau


    congratulations, so happy for you.
    such beautiful items in store
    ken vezeau

  • Avatar for Pam Bolton

    Pam Bolton


    I’d love to see an online store also be offered for those of us who are across the country!

  • Avatar for Betty Ulfstam

    Betty Ulfstam


    will be in Rapid some time in June, will stop in . Are you planing an on line store?

  • Avatar for wayne hupman

    wayne hupman


    do u have a web sight to order from..there is no native boutique here in Virginia beach,virginia,,best of luck

  • Avatar for Shirley Wolf

    Shirley Wolf


    This is wonderful, I wish you the BEST OF LUCK, I hope you will open an online store. I will be sure to stop in and make a purchase the next time I am headed west.

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