What Was Your Best Moment of Gathering of Nations?

Posted By Paul G April 27th, 2015 Last Updated on: April 27th, 2015

The Gathering of Nations Powwow is a special event, it really does bring so many people together from all over! The theme of this blog is, “best moments” , as I'm sure all who attended got to experience something great and take away something positive from the weekend! Here are a couple of mine:

favorite-moments-of gathering of nations

These two were really fun, they were passing out flyers for everyone to visit Crow Fair in August! The Crow Fair is the biggest Teepee capitol in the world!

favorite-moments-of gathering of nations2

If anyone watched Facebook over the weekend in Indian Country, you probably noticed a drag queen taking photos with the crowds @ Gathering! That was me darlings! I was apart of the roving performers from Stage 49 doing a meet & greet with everyone! I made sure to stop for anyone who requested a photo, which was pretty much the whole powwow. The best comment I received was from the lady, she said, “I really enjoyed watching you bring happiness to so many people” ! #awwwww

favorite-moments-of gathering of nations3

This year we crowned a new Miss Stage 49 and her name is Aubrey Suina from Cochiti, New Mexico. (Cochiti Pueblo) After she was crowned she addressed the crowd by saying, “hi to my people” ! #awwwww #super #cute

favorite-moments-of gathering of nations4

I saw more rain in New Mexico this past weekend than I've seen in California in the past four years, every time we saw it, it was a welcomed sight!


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