President Barack Obama Addresses the 2015 Gathering of Nations

Posted By Paul G April 25th, 2015 Last Updated on: September 6th, 2016

President Barack Obama spent a special message to the 2015 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow.


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I wish he would have taken a stand for clean water.

Mark Daniel johnson#1

President Obama I am 65year old soon be 66 my nations are having we do when you have a problems you can’t talk to a cop
You got dirty cops in some of these places you need uncover go in some of these places this how lot of these things I have been seeing this for along time I have to say something me black ball out of my eating place two placesi cant say to much over this line I have to be careful you don’t have to believe me I am peace I am holding on pay offs for protect

Sharon Cole

I am so happy to have lived to see the day first of all, to have a Black president in the White House, representing not just a triumph for Black people but for all people. I believe the success of one-is the success of all. This change reflects hope and greater equity for all, in government, voting, policy and times. Times that now better allow for all people in our country to visualize the promise that post-contact America does not only consist of traditional White leadership, authority and values. Instead, it demonstrates that there is room in our country for all to participate to even the uppermost levels of operation for all who rise to that ability. Seeing is believing-there IS room at the top. Thank you Mr. President,for attaining your personal goals and thereby creating a vision for all people of color in America. As ages-old barriers are removed, one day we may all get beyond race and focus on matters worthy of our human talents, gifts and potential. Also noteworthy is your making a special effort to be politically inclusive and impart an administrative hand up to America’s indigenous people. The federal-Indian relationship definitely needs mending. So much neglect, disrespect and mistrust has occurred that our nations are broken. Thank you for reaching out and putting us back on the national map. Before the Obama era, we weren’t even mentioned in the lineup so to speak. Reaching out to Native youth on behalf of yourself and our wonderful First Lady, Michelle, is highly commendable and what we should reasonably expect from our President, though unfortunately, we have not had to this extent thus far. So, thank you for being the executive leader so long overdue in this respect. I only wish the seeds of repair will be watered and allowed to flourish in the next administration. I am grateful for the upturn in Indian country with regards to a stronger, more caring and transparent relationship which hears our concerns, offers solutions and looks to progress and better lives for our Nations. Miiwi. -Soaringeaglequay, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan


I saw nothing “special” about Obama’s message.


SlyB, does that stand for Sly Bast*rd. By your comment I take it you are a supporter of that buffoon Trump.


Unfortunately, I find no reason to thank Obama for ANYTHING. That is, unless we want to thank him for turning our United States into a cauldron of chaos.


You don’t have to thank Obama
for that, Trump is doing it all by himself.

Troy Townsend


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