The World Wide Frybread Association lives on in new TV/Web Series

The World Wide Frybread Association lives on in new TV/Web Series

Coming off the success of his film More Than Frybread, Holt Hamilton is hoping to recreate that magic in a TV/Web Series.

The pilot TV episode of “Frybread” is sixty-percent completed, and features several cast members from the movie More Than Frybread. The release of the pilot by Holt Hamilton Productions (HHP) could very well be the first TV series based on Native American sitcom. The original movie released in 2012 was screened in more than fifty reservations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The release of “Frybread” is scheduled for mid-March 2014.

The series takes off with the World Wide Frybread Association, founded in 2005, in peril with bankruptcy and litigation nipping at its heels. Donathan Littlehair (actor J.W. Washington), who is naturally thin on top, conjures up a means to save the organization with the aid of humorous and colorful characters from various Native American tribes.

Producer Travis Holt Hamilton, a non-native, has completed five films that encompass comedy and drama with a Native American slant. Hamilton’s inspiration to create and present Indian-style entertainment was energized at a screenwriter’s workshop in Los Angeles. He wrote a script with a Native American theme and submitted it to the instructor, who instantly remarked “Hollywood does not want to make Native American films. They don’t do well and the market is too small.” For that reason alone, Hamilton states, “I want Native country to collaborate with me in delivering positive content to a starving Native audience that is tired of Hollywood’s control on how the world should view Native American imagery.”

The goal of the pilot episode is to establish Season One, which will consist of 13 episodes. Holt Hamilton Productions foresees filming the series in various tribal communities that will aid in opening doors for aspiring actors and technical staff of Native American heritage.

If you're interested in finding out more about the TV series you can visit Hamilton's Kickstarter campaign.

(H/T Globe Miami Times)

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    Where can I get a world wide frybread Association t-shirt thank you

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    Check out the Frybread cook book on the pow wow calendar!!!
    Great book ,not only Frybread ,but the history of fry bread to!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!

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