Unique Indigenous Map Displays “Our Names”

Unique Indigenous Map Displays “Our Names”

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown October 29th, 2013

After years of researching his own Cherokee culture, and other Native American tribes, Aaron Carapella never ran across an authentic map that displayed historical tribal names before European contact.  Many maps displayed tribal names that traders,  explorers or warring tribes had given the tribes, but not how they referred to themselves.  Carapella set out to create a historically accurate map containing these names and the territories of these tribes.

The end result of Carapella's massive research is a one of a kind map that exhibits 500+ tribes in the contiguous United States. Carapella recently finished a map of the First Nations in Canada and is currently working on an indigenous map that goes “south of the border” to complete the Americas.  He hopes this map will give the younger generation pride in their culture and encourage interest in learning tribal language.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of the map for yourself, please visit Tribal Nations Map for more information and to view map details.  Prices range from $49.99 to $199.


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  1. Not to dissuade anyone from purchasing this map but on a recent fb forum, several Natives whose tribes are listed on this map voiced inaccuracies found on this map and made suggestions for correcting them in the future.

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