South Dakota Native American Tribes

South Dakota Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Native American Tribes
Brandon Sazue (Chairman)
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe
Address Fort Thompson SD 57339 Phone: (605) 245-2221Fax: (605) 245-2470
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Joseph Brings Plenty, Sr. (Chairman)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
Address Eagle Butte SD 57625 Phone: (605) 964-4155Fax: (605) 964-4151:
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Joshua Weston (President)
Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe
Address Flandreau SD 57028 Phone: (605) 997-3891Fax: (605) 997-3878:
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Michael B. Jandreau (Chairman)
Lower Brule Sioux Tribe
Address Lower Brule SD 57548 Phone: (605) 473-5561Fax: (605) 473-5606:
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Michael Selvage, Sr. (Chairman)
Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation
Address Agency Village SD 57262-0509 Phone: (605) 698-3911Fax: (605) 698-7907
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Robert Cournoyer (Chairman)
Yankton Sioux Tribe
Address Marty SD 57361-0248 Phone: (605) 384-3641Fax: (605) 384-5687
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Rodney Bordeaux (President)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe
Address Rosebud SD 57570 Phone: (605) 747-2381Fax: (605) 747-2905:
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Theresa Two Bulls (President)
Oglala Sioux Tribe of the Pine Ridge Reservation
Address Pine Ridge SD 57770 Phone: (605) 867-6074Fax: (605) 867-6076:
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11 thoughts on “South Dakota Native American Tribes

  1. emily king says:

    i am a oglala sioux and i am trying to find my mother betty black bear and my fother timothey king my name is emily king do you know my parents if you do or can find out weretheey are plesse let me konw thanks a lot i was adopted when i was a baby so i dont know what they look like or whatthey do

  2. Theresa says:

    I am searching fory family here is why. My grandmother was full Oglala Sioux. I never knew my mothers side as I was raised by my dad’s mother. She was very racist and besides calling me half breed, heathen, cutting my hair short and telling me I belonged to “my mothers people” when I acted up as a teenager. Sadly my mothers family has all passed away from what I can tell. So I am searching genealogy records and has been a dead end.

    I am told she was Oglala and I have been given two names Loretta Morningstar and Loretta Wakefield. Wakefield being her married name. She married an Irish man and lived in and around the St. Louis, MO area as an adult. My father met her several times and said that he asked her once what tribe she belonged to and she said Oglala Lakota Sioux.

    So for almost 50 years I have wanted to find if any members oft fily are still out there. She would have been born anywhere from 1900-1921. She was 21 in 1942 when my mother was born so hope my math is right. I will continue to try to find documents in Missouri but where would I find a census of Native Americans in their tribes? I do not even know if Morningstar was her name or a surname. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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