President Obama to visit Standing Rock Sioux

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown June 9th, 2014 Last Updated on: October 31st, 2016

In an Op-Ed piece published in Indian Country Today, President Obama revealed that he'll be announcing new jobs and education initiatives designed to help communities all throughout Indian Country. Obama and the first lady will be visiting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in Cannonball, North Dakota.

In his article he stated:

As president, I’ve worked closely with tribal leaders, and I’ve benefited greatly from their knowledge and guidance. That’s why I created the White House Council on Native American Affairs—to make sure that kind of partnershipis happening across the federal government. And every year, I host the White House Tribal Nations Conference, where leaders from every federally recognized tribe are invited to meet with members of my Administration. Today, honoring the nation-to-nation relationship with Indian country isn’t the exception; it’s the rule. And we have a lot to show for it.

He goes on to list some of the achievements made such as reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, signing the Tribal Law and Order Act and signing into law the Claims Resolution Act, which includes the historic Cobell settlement.

Political blog The Hill also mentioned that Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) will be joining the Obamas on the trip.

“This trip will enable North Dakota to show off the rich culture, history, and traditions of our tribes, while also raising awareness about the challenges too many Native American families face, such as extreme poverty and abuse,” Heitkamp said. “I’ve been able to spend a great deal of time in Indian Country over the years and have seen both the community spirit as well as the problems facing our tribes.”

What do you think is the most pressing Native American issue that President Obama should address during his trip?

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Georgia Atkins

Pres needs to address poverty on the Reservations. He also needs to help the people get jobs.

There are many problems and issues Pres Obama needs to help Native American’s with.

I wrote this for everyone: Updated Help For The Okiciyap Community Food Pantry/And A Links “Information-A-Thon” For Everyone. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/08/30/1234263/-School-Supplies-Drive-For-The-Okiciyap-Community

Judy Zandrowicz

I’ve been trying to enroll in a tribe. I’ve traced my Indian Heritage to Bad River and Red Cliff. I’m also looking into Turtle Mountain in North Dakota. I’m told even though I can prove my Indian Heritage because my grandmothers through the years weren’t enrolled in a tribe or received an allotment I’m unable to join Bad River or Red Cliff even though my aunts and uncles were enrolled and received allotments. I find this very unfair and discriminant. It would be nice if something can be done to rectify this.

Buffalo Wolf

Aho I think why he is doing all this for our people he should also see into releasing our brother Leonard Peltier who has been proven innocent for the past 30 + years he deserves to be free mitakuye oyasin.

s j

I think its long overdue to discuss how existing homes and schools on reservations can be FIXED with regard to insulation, asbestos removal , window replacements ,heat and the overwhelming issue of alcoholism. Home Energy Assistance Programs are available ALL across the U.S.A why aren’t they utilized for reservations ? Also why is no one available to haul away scrap metals and give the cash to the person who owned it ? Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservation to name a few are living substandard in artic conditions…What is available ?

Linda Taschereau

Aho & right on !


He would fight for the law to change and let the farmers grow hemp on reservations in order for material, rope etc.


The key words in his statement you posted are Federally Recognized. I would like to find out why it is so difficult for any tribe to get Federally recognized.

Linda Taschereau

Very Good point ! I have been trying to get out this message & the real truth of things like this for quite some time now! Most on Facebook the last few years .

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