PowWows.com Invited to Facebook’s Community Accelerator Program to Continue Building Community for Native American Culture

PowWows.com Invited to Facebook’s Community Accelerator Program to Continue Building Community for Native American Culture

For immediate release: July 17, 2020

PowWows.com Invited to Facebook’s Community Accelerator Program to Continue Building Community for Native American Culture

Lexington, SC – – – Paul Gowder, founder, PowWows.com, this week was invited by Facebook to participate in its upcoming 2020 Community Accelerator Program due to PowWows.com’s growing influence as a Native American community builder. Program participation is expected to have far-reaching benefits to the thousands of people from wide-ranging backgrounds who connect via the site to celebrate and learn about Native American culture.

The Facebook Community Accelerator Program aims to support leaders like Gowder and their organizations whose efforts to foster community using Facebook apps help unite different populations. Those chosen to participate come from six regions around the world who each represent a unique community-building digital initiative around things like sustainability, health and well-being, diversity and inclusion, and civice ngagement. The participants will receive growth-focused training, mentorship, and up to $30,000 in funding to execute growth plans.

PowWows.com was created in 1996 to bring the spirit of pow wows to the digital space. The site and its social channels have become a virtual gathering place to experience, learn and celebrate Native American culture. Users can research their Native American roots, learn to make crafts, watch live pow wows, listen to Native American music, access travel guides to locations that offer authentic Native American cultural experiences and much more. Its most popular features though are its livestreams of pow wows and other events and its online Community where people from hundreds of countries gather to exchange information and ideas with like-minded individuals.

For his part, Gower is an online marketing consultant and public speaker who manages the PowWows.com digital channels. The organization’s Facebook page alone, has over 750,000 followers and a seven-day reach of three million – numbers that are likely to jump even higher after the six-month Community Accelerator Program.

“Being included in Facebook’s Community Accelerator is an amazing opportunity to make PowWows.com an even more meaningful place for people around the world to connect to experience Native American culture. I look forward to learning best practices from Facebook’s experts and other attendees to forward the site’s mission,” said Gowder. “The timing of this program is especially meaningful as we need, more than ever, to build positive spaces for people to form cultural bonds and appreciate each other’s differences.”

For more information about the PowWows.com community, go to PowWows.com or @powwows.com on Facebook.

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    I am not Native American…..although I would love to be. I am a portrait artist. My portraits are of Native Americans. I have been painting and selling for 56 years. I am interested in anything Native American including history. I purchased a flintlock hand gun from a seller that purchased it from people off the Oglala Reservation or the Rosebud. There are stories that went with the gun. It has a Flintstone tied to it with rawhide. The handle and stock is covered with unborn Buffalo calf hide. It has the metal Brad’s decorating the gun. The trigger guard is missing …used for a knife or trade for wife. I made a trip to both reservations go try to find the previous owner. I was afraid some kid stole the gun from grandparents to get money. I wanted to give it back if I could find the rightful owner. It is an important part of American Indian history. It has a date of 1700’s on it. I met one man and his brother. His name was Dancing Bear. He was a small man, and his brother was over 6 1/2 feet tall…He said same Mother…different Daddy. He was VetNam veteran. He needed money to go to Sulphur Springs to pick up his paycheck. The people on the reservation were not friendly. Everyone dissapeared when we got there. We couldn’t find anyone to talk to. I am very sorry about the problems that they have had in this Century with the white people. I didn’t have anything to do with any of it. I don’t blame a whole race of people for something a few did. I am a good portrait artist of these people. I would like to be able to see all of their shows, even if it is only on computer. I would like to correspond with them. Can you help me get started talking to some of them. Age is not a problem. If you are interested in seeing my work, I will be glad to send photos. Thank you for your time. Linda Porter

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