Ojibwe Pucker Toe Moccasin Tutorials

Ojibwe Pucker Toe Moccasin Tutorials

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown March 2nd, 2015 Last Updated on: July 10th, 2018

Sarah Agaton Howes is the latest designer to participate in Eighth Generation's Inspired Natives Project. Sarah is an Anishinaabe artist, teacher, and emerging community organizer from Fond du Lac Reservation in Minnesota. Back in 2013 she created a set of tutorial videos to make Ojibwe Pucker Toe Moccasins. Check them out and see if you're also an inspired native!

Step 1: Purchasing and Preparing Supplies

Step 2: Makizin Pattern and Cut out

Step 3: Manidoominensikaan (Beadwork)

Step 4: Odoojibwegigiwaadaan (Pucker Sewing) Sewing Together the Moccasins

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elsie lichliter

as a bird owner i would like to find someone to make things with my feathers

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