Native American Pow Wow Lesson Plan

Native American Pow Wow Lesson Plan

Posted By Paul G March 18th, 2017 Last Updated on: March 18th, 2017

Every weekend somewhere in North American, Native Americans are gathering for a Pow Wow.

It’s not very often that students get a chance to see Native American culture up close and personal. Yes, we have the history books and the museums – yet rarely do we get an opportunity to learn and explore the celebration, life, and history of Native American culture live.

Bring Native American culture and history to life through our Pow Wow lesson plans.

Watching a Pow Wow allows you to experience an authentic piece of Native American culture.  Most Pow Wows are held on weekends making it difficult for schools to visit.'s archive of streams allows you to watch online anytime.

Watch past Pow Wow streams.

The Gathering of Nations, North American's largest Pow Wow, is held in April in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The Gathering of Nations takes place on the 4th weekend each year on Friday and Saturday.  This is a unique opportunity to watch a Pow Wow live during school.  Find out more about the Gathering of Nations.

We have lesson plans available for you to use in guiding your students through an interactive experience of learning about Native American culture through Pow Wows.

Native American Pow Wow Lesson Plan

View more information for Students and Teachers.

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Andrew R Duford

My mother is Blackfoot/Cherokee and it is important to teach my children of our heritage. With money in short supply right now, it is difficult to find material to use that does not have a political bias.

[…] out traditional Native American gatherings called powwows. This unique lesson plan combines in-depth information about the Gathering of Nations three-day event and other powwows […]

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