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Learning a Native American Language – Native American Pow Wows

Why study an Indian language? For the Indian peoples, tribal languages are important for keeping a strong sense of self-worth, community identity and for keeping their culture strong. For Native American students, knowing their tribal language well improves their self-confidence and helps  (rather than hinders) the learning of non-Indian languages....

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Canadian Children’s Book Teaches Natives Willingly “Moved out” For Europeans

Facebook erupted after one mom brought an issue to the public's attention. She bought her 8 year old an educational book on Canadian curriculum and was horrified at what she found. The section on Canadian history wrongfully explained that when European settlers landed in the Americas they needed a place...

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Thanksgiving Information – Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month.  Combined with Thanksgiving, many people seek information about the origins and history of this beloved American holiday. PowWows.com has compiled some articles for you! Thanksgiving Information Thanksgiving - Fact or Fiction A More Accurate View of Thanksgiving Native American Harvest Real Thanksgiving Foods Thanksgiving...

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Native American Pow Wow Lesson Plan

Every weekend somewhere in North American, Native Americans are gathering for a Pow Wow. It’s not very often that students get a chance to see Native American culture up close and personal. Yes, we have the history books and the museums – yet rarely do we get an opportunity to learn and...

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Native American Languages

The languages among the Native American tribes are many. Some are very similar to each other and some are very different. Together, the native languages of the Americas are among the most numerous and varied in the world, which provides scholars with rich sources of information on the many ways...

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