Must Do’s For Pow Wow First Timer

Must Do’s For Pow Wow First Timer

First time visitors to a Pow Wow can feel a little overwhelmed!  Between the crowd, the music, and all the shopping options you can get confused as to what to see and do.   At your first Pow Wow you want to make sure you don't miss the “good parts”!

Here are some Must Do's for you!

Watch the Fancy Feather and Fancy Shawl

Each dance style has their own story.  The crowd favorites, though, are always Fancy Shawl and Fancy Feather.  These are the aerobic athletes of the Pow Wow.

Here are two sample videos!

Fancy Shawl - 2013 Gathering of Nations -


Fancy Feather - 2013 Gathering of Nations -

Watch Grand Entry

By far one of the biggest highlights of any Pow Wow is the Grand Entry.  This is the start of each dance session.  The dancers, head staff, princesses, veterans and others will all parade in to the circle together.  The larger Pow Wows can have thousands of people dancing together!  This is your chance to see all the different dance styles at one time!

Below is a video from Gathering of Nations – the largest Pow Wow!
Grand Entry - 2013 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow -

Eat Frybread

Must Do's For Pow Wow First Timer
NDN Taco, Anyone???

At the Pow Wow you'll be surrounded by the sights and sounds of Native American culture!  Add to your experience by trying some Native cuisine.  One of the most popular dishes at a Pow Wow is frybread.  This is fried dough with various toppings.  Usually you'll see it served with meat, lettuce, tomatoes like a taco, but on top of the bread.   There are lots of other great food to experience as well.  You are likely to see buffalo burgers, various Native soups, and more.

Here is a recipe for Indian Frybread.

Buy Native

Must Do's For Pow Wow First Timer

Be sure to support the local artists and take some Native culture home with you!  You'll be able to find crafts in all prices ranges from $5-$5,000!  You will definitely see a large assortment of rings and earrings.   Many vendors will offer beaded items such as key chains, jewelry, bags, and more.   This is a great time to find some unique gift ideas!

Talk to People

Must Do's For Pow Wow First Timer

The dancers and singers are just regular people.  Approach them with respect and ask them about their outfit or their family.  The MC will be glad to tell you more about the dancing and singing during down times.  Many of the families at the Pow Wows have been carrying on this tradition for generations.  You are sure to hear great stories!


Your first visit to a Pow Wow will be a wonderful experience unlike any other!  Take your friends and family and enjoy a day of Native American culture through dance and song.

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