Mohawk Fashion with a Modern Twist

Posted By Paul G January 25th, 2020 Last Updated on: January 25th, 2020

“I have to have some type of creative outlet. I think life is boring without creativity.”

Fashion designer, Stacey Mitchell, is promoting Native culture through the use of materials, designs, and accessories that portray the history of her Mohawk community, yet simultaneously show where the future of the community is striving to go.

In a town near Quebec, Akwesasne is where Stacey learned the skills she now uses in her pieces. Quilting, stitching, beadwork, and sewing all came naturally to her as she learned from her mother at a young age.

According to a CBC News article featuring her story, “Her collections this year include a buckskin blazer, a cape, and a number of leather and wool coats for men and women using fabrics that have a cultural connection. In the case of one of her wool peacoats, appliques of sky domes — a symbol of the Haudenosaunee creation story.”

This special talent shows that she is not only generally creative, but she is able to tie her ideas to her very own culture, the history of the Mohawk people, and the love they have for nature.

Stacey says that she wants to be able to create unique pieces that you cannot find in a store…things that she wishes were in stores.

“Sometimes, people feel self-conscious wearing traditional clothing outside of ceremonies or socials, and so I'm trying to find a way to still showcase our culture and showcase our pride every day,” she said.

Apart from everyday wear, Stacey also creates evening wear. Her wampum dress was proudly featured in an Akwesasne annual fashion show and worn by Native model Kendall Horn.

It seems as if this Native designer has a lot going for her and has a bright future ahead of her.

Follow #Stacey.Rae.Mitchell on IG to see more of her beautifully creative work and stay in touch with her up-and-coming designs!

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Anna Trimboli

This is so beautiful I would wear it
I would love to own a piece love the fashion

Dennis Garcia

Skennen’ ko:wa

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