Massachusetts Native American Tribes

Massachusetts Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Native American Tribes
Cedric Cromwell (Chairman)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe
Address Mashpee MA 2649 Phone: 508-477-0208Fax: 508-477-1218 P:
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Cheryl Andrews-Maltais (Chairwoman)
Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head Aquinnah
Address Aquinnah MA 02535-1546 Phone: (508) 645-9265Fax: (508) 645-3790:
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15 thoughts on “Massachusetts Native American Tribes

  1. Marchanna Thompkins says:

    I have grown up in a family where i was told that my paternal grandmother was a medicine women and that she was a Whichita indian. I was told that she had taken on the last name of Whitcha (not sure if I am spelling the last name right). How can I find out if I am Native American. I have always been facinated with the culture, dance, and music. I would love to know more about my heritage.
    Thank you Marchanna

  2. My father is 92 years old and I have been told he has Indian and that his Great, Great , Great Grandfather was a Chief of what Tribe I do not know? My Fathers name is Guy Walter Dudley from the Dudley Family most live in Pennsylvania. I am assuming the tribe was from Massachusetts’s ?? I know I am part Indian and I am so proud but I do not know what tribe and really would love to be able to tell my Dad what tribe we belong too??? Can anybody help me to find out?? Greatly appreciated… 🙂

    • Hello Cynthia, I just wanted to share some information on how you could probably find out what tribe. I just did my DNA thru Accu-Metrics Viaguard, they do Native-First Nations DNA and they can match your DNA with a specific Tribe that you belong to by comparing your DNA with known tribal members. I paid $125.00, I hope that’s helpful. 🙂

      • Hi my name is Terry ..i was trying to figure stuff out..I would like to try this…I was told i was Indian ..we have My mothers cousin use to run the Indian stuff out here in Lowell Mass..he is like 94 now so he dont..I did my DNA threw Ancestry but nothing showed up….I wanted to try this…His father and my grandfather lived on an Indian Reservation in Canada..Now im told it was all a lie..not sure whats up…

        • Well, just to let you know, there are more tribes in Massachusetts than just the Wampanoag. The Massachuset tribe, of whom the state of Massachusetts was named after are still alive and well. There is the Ponkapoag, the Natick, as well as other tribes that they don’t mention. I’m Ponkapoag myself as well as Wampanoag, and proud to be both. Do a lot of research. Look for tribes other than Wampanoag.

  3. Jeanette Tates says:

    Im from Long Island NY. Port Jefferson My parents our Indians and come from two tribes there what can I do for my rights as a Indian in this state Ca.

  4. charlotte says:

    I am looking for my roots.My great ggrand mother was full blooded cree or creek(my dad was dying when he told me this.I always knew we were native americans.He said she was from up around Massachusetts or Maine.Her name was Lenora Gueno..She married my grand father,Mose Eads and eventually they settled in the mountains of West Virginia.My children also have indian in them from the other side of the family.How can I find out these things.All of the elders have passed and I cannot afford to pay a site to search as I am on disability..It’s something my children would love to know..Cn someone help me?

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