Making Regalia – Straight Dress Making

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown February 25th, 2015 Last Updated on: July 10th, 2018

On this episode of Making Regalia with Juaquin Lonelodge, he has special guest Terra Houska. Terra introduces viewers to the fundamentals of straight dress making. The follow-up episode will show Juaquin and Terra constructing all the pieces in sequence. Stay tuned for that one!

Making Regalia – Show 5 of Season 2 – Straight Dress Making from CATV47 on Vimeo.

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H, Otto

I want making a regalia dress but may i sewing shell on it.
Some people said no its not real.
I can not get other products likes that what you have show and the metal cubes .
I can not buye that .. i lives not in America but in the Netherlands. I am a real Indian women and some times comes here people from america to do pow wow.
I want dance the pow wow in the specially dress.

rohit aggarwal

thank you for giving me wonderful information


Where is the follow-up tutorial? It has been two years now and I am lost trying to find it.


It’s easy putting women’s traditional dresses together. I should do my own tutorials. Not rocket science.

Tina bunnie

Need a better tutorial on how the whole dress is put together. Piece by piece. I would like to know how you did the top part of the dress. And sleeve. Not at all clear.


You need to do the whole tutorial while seeing it all up, too much talking going on.


i have been watching the tutorial s, but this one didn’t show how the dress was sewn together, or really made. First time I’m disappointed with this series. Pleas do another that that will demonstrate how to make it so we can learn.


They said: The follow-up episode will show Juaquin and Terra constructing all the pieces in sequence.
Hope this helps.


that’s what I said too… come on re play…more action on the dress.


I know right.. Way too much talking and not enough sewing or doing. 28 minutes of waiting. And still waiting….


I saw a girls jingle dress on your webpage that was marked down 80%. Is it still available?

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