Making Regalia: Dance Bells

Making Regalia: Dance Bells

Episode 2 of the second season of Making Regalia is out now! In this episode we have guest artist Redsky Whapeppah, demonstrating bell application for men's straight dance regalia as host Juaquin Lonelodge describes the history and significance of bells.

Making Regalia – Episode 2 of Season 2 from CATV47 on Vimeo.

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2 Comments on “Making Regalia: Dance Bells”

  • Avatar for Ursala D.Minor

    Ursala D.Minor


    Just loved the show!! Both of you bro’s have Star ⭐️ Power! Real ROCKS..real STARS ⭐️. Both very funny guys..Red Sky lucky 🍀 for U I am too many sunsets 🌅 away or I would track u down. May you have all you need this show radiated good things. Baby safe, hear that babes)?!Very generous Of you to share the great craft of making noise bell power this means dancing feet…eh keep on keeping on and thanks to U both
    super appreciation For the Glad Works!

  • Avatar for Jessejohnson

    Hi my name is Jesse I m 18 year old I m a grass dancer fore men’s and I need to know how to make a set of dance bells

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