Learning American Indian Languages At Home – Learn Common Words From Cherokee, Navajo, and Choctaw

Learning American Indian Languages At Home – Learn Common Words From Cherokee, Navajo, and Choctaw

Posted By Paul G March 31st, 2020 Last Updated on: March 31st, 2020

Not sure how to spend your time in quarantine?

People all around the country are practicing social distancing to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. While being forced to stay home may sound like a chore, positive can come out of a negative situation. Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill? Maybe you want to try your hand at sewing, knitting, cooking, gardening, or painting?

Is learning a new language on your bucket list?

Use this time at home wisely to brush up on a language you studied in high school, or start from scratch.

Today we’re taking a look at some common phrases in popular Native American languages.

There were once more than 300 Native Indigenous languages spoken across the United States. Today around 175 of those indigenous languages remain today. Some of them are still relatively popular, while only a handful of people speak some of the others. We’re taking a look at some common phrases in various native languages.

To learn how to pronounce different words in Native Languages, check out these YouTube channels below!

Cherokee Nation

St. Joseph's Indian School

I love Languages

Navajo Words

  • Hello – Yá'át'ééh
  • Goodbye – Hágooshį́į́
  • Good Morning – Yá'át'ééh abíní
  • Goodnight – Yá'át'ééh hiiłchi'į'
  • Please – T'aa shoodi
  • Thank You – Ahéhee'
  • Yes – Aoo'
  • No – Dooda
  • I Love You -Ayoó án ín shí
  • Bon Appetit – Nizhónígo adííyį́į́ł

Lakota Sioux Words

  • Hello – Hau
  • Goodbye (Later) – Tókša akhé
  • Good Morning – Híŋháŋni
  • Goodnight – Hanhepi wašté
  • Please – Yé
  • Thank You – Philámayaye
  • Yes – Huh
  • Excuse Me – Émičiktuŋža yo
  • I Love You – Thečhíȟila
  • Good Luck – Hanhepi wašté

Cherokee Words

  • Hello – Osiyo
  • Goodbye – Donadagvhoi
  • Good Morning- Osda sunalei
  • Goodnight – Osda enoyi
  • Please – Howatsu
  • Thank You – Wado
  • Yes – Vv
  • No – Vtla
  • I Love You – Gvgeyu'i
  • My Name Is – Dagwado

Choctaw Words

  • Hello – Halito
  • Goodbye – Chi pisa la chike
  • How Are You? – Chim Achukma?
  • I Understand – Akostininchi li
  • Please Repeat – Miha Moma
  • Thank You – Yakoke
  • Yes – A
  • No – Keyu
  • I Love You – Chi hollo li
  • Your Welcome – Ome

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Is there somewhere I can learn more of the structure and pronunciation for any of these languages? I am wanting to be able to read the words and pronounce them correctly when I see a place name or something. Thank you


Halito! Moon here, I am Chata, and learning the Chata language! I am very happy to see that it was included here! Chi pisa la chike! (Fun fact: “Chi pisa la chike” can also mean “See you tommorrow”)

Sara Priscilla Barahona

I am Native. American more than half 59% and very proud of it I have many about 3-4 different types of. Native. American types of Indian regarding my heritage. I am very proud of this. I also have. African and. African. American blood mixed with. Asian. Thank you. Sara.

Katherine Hagge

I use to know some Lakota Sioux language. But have lost my ability do to not using it for yrs. I’d love to learn more with audio. Is there a way to buy this on cd?

Leah Shapiro

I speak, chant, sing and drum my Buffalo drum and make videos in Choctaw and Arapaho languages, since 2004 winter because the Holy SPIRIT came into my body and gave me the gift of speaking in tongues (in Chahta and Arapaho) when I was a non-denominational Christian in my home town in Ennis, Texas.
I am also looking to make good friends and make a drum circle with them that are Chahta or Arapaho Indian descents or any American Indian tribes that can help me.🙏🐺⭕️🥁⭕️🦬🐲🍃☘️🌳☘️🍃🐲🙏✨💕💜❤️💛💚💙💜💕✨
If any one that speaks these languages could translate for me I would love that and please contact me at briyokosbeautifultimes at gee mail dot com. Thank you.

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