Pendleton Blanket Giveaway – We Count – Shape Our Future- Census 2020 Giveaway

Now is the time to Shape Our Future!

Census 2020 will determine how millions of federal $ is divided over the next 10 years.  More importantly, the Census numbers will be used to determine representation on local, state, and federal levels.  

Indian Country Counts

In 2010 Amerian Indians were undercounted by more than 5%.  Let's not let that happen again.

Complete your Census now! is excited to partner with Census 2020 to help raise awareness.  

What better way to learn more than with a giveaway!

How to Enter

Enter the contest using the form below.  

The more ways you enter, the better chance you have.  The winners will be determined by random draw.  

You can gain extra entries in the contest by completing more tasks.  Some tasks can be doing daily!

Check back often, I'll be adding more ways to enter throughout the contest.

AND you can get bonus codes by watching videos on our Facebook and Youtube channels.  These are exclusive codes that will be released either in the comments or in the video content.


  • Pendleton Point Reyes Blanket
  • 1 Yard Teton Trade Cloth – Light Blue
  • $50 Walmart Gift Card
  • 2 Bags Thunder Island Coffee
  • XXL – Native Culture Shop Red T-Shirt
  • XL Native Culture Shop Black T-Shirt

Contest Entry Form


Last Updated on April 22, 2020 by Paul G

36 Comments on “Pendleton Blanket Giveaway – We Count – Shape Our Future- Census 2020 Giveaway”

  • has been on my radar for a while, & I must say I’m honored to learn so much by so many different people ~ the articles & interviews are greatly appreciated.
    It’s good to know The People continue on with the traditions 💜 May everyone be blessed by our Creator, especially during these trying times ~

  • Jacqueline Sanford


    There was not a spot to put the code in.


    • Paul G


      The contest ended on 4/30.

  • RE blanket entry

    did not ask me for code # 8668. 4/30/2020

    This contest has gotten too complicated, and full of misc. adds.

    It says I have 31 entries…. what does this mean? and has become a waste of TIME.
    and I do not see any replies to any comments.

    • Bill


      Walter… I have found that many of the codes don’t work … I received a new code by email yesterday even though the contest ended the previous day… and it’s next to impossible to get a question answered. I’ve never found a winners list anywhere so whether people actually win anything is impossible to know. I think I’ve pretty much entered every contest they’ve offered but it’s becoming more and more cumbersome with all the clicking looking for codes and not having a clue if I’m even in the right place… but then when you finally find one it’s invalid anyway… sadly it might be time to not enter anymore… Hope that answers some of your questions

      • Paul G


        They all work! Look at the top of the contest entry form and you can click the option to show you how many points you received and for which items.

        If you email me I will answer.

  • ROY Weaver



  • I love powwows, and the wonderful music that soothes the spirit mind, I enjoy powwows, and dancing helps heal our earth mother, and with the drum beats, of the heart earth mother can feel also,

    • I also love the blanket, for love goes into each one that is made, such beauty, Running Doe, Cherokee

      • Misty Ferrandini


        Oh I so love it. I am not Native however have many, many, Native friends. I went to SDSU and graduated 5 years ago with BA psychology, Sociology, American Indian studies. All with Highest Honors. I took the Indian studies so that I could work better with the first people. You must know the white mans law to help. One of my classes was a one on one with the Professor,, Indian Law written by Walter Echo Hawk. Three supreme court rulings that have never been updated. The white man Supreme court NEVER over turns a decision. They were made 100 years ago. Stand tall with your people and those of us who respect.

  • Kathleen


    Dear Paul:

    Thank you for this site. It has a lot of pertinent information for all to enjoy and learn. Learning is the key of life . . . My biological Mother was Ojibwa and I am from the Nipissing Indians Band of First Nations, located on the north shore of Lake Nipssing located in Northern Ontario, Canada. . . . Unfortunately I do not qualify for the giveaway. . . It is only in the US. . shame really . . . . We are Native North American Indians !! . . . .

    Hello everyone. Where is everyone from ? . . . Many Blessings & Prayers, Kathleen

    • Sonia Cruz


      Thank you for being a compassionate person!
      I am from the White Mountain Apache, Navajo, Ute,Kiowa, Red Willow Pueblo and learning.
      I pray for legislation changes to be made granting free assistance to anyone who believes that they are First People descendants. Reunite the families of this Nation! A ‘ho

    • my code didn’t work – checked it twice……..

  • Cecile Ouellet


    I was shocked when reading the piece of Canadian curriculum. How do they get away with it. IT’s so blatantly alse and way beyond misleading. This must be stopped. I hope there is a plan in the works. I am so embarrassed to be of European descent sometimes.

    • Kristopher Fritz


      prayers & positive energy to all , plz stand & be counted it matters

    • Leola Marquez


      I do not see an entry form but did my census.

      • Paul G


        The contest ended.

  • Shannon Peterson


    Wow this is very generous ! Stay safe and healthy everyone .

  • cindy hoover


    Native Americans should be the first in the census. We owe Native Americans so much.

  • Patricia Cook


    I didn’t mark native American because I was under the impression that you had to provide documentation, which I don’t have 🙁 Although I am half cherokee and damn proud to be 🙂

    • Patricia Blevins


      I’m not native American I guess Caucasian

  • John


    Hi Paul,

    Great site.

    It is to bad with the census for 2020 the Native American leaders will not recognize DNA tests. Our census numbers would go sky high. Instead of making it harder to be recognized to join a tribe, or Pueblo, they should open up to all who do carry the Native American blood verified via DNA.

    We have much to learn.


  • For the first time ever I marked Native American on my census – Chickasaw!!!

    • mary barnhart


      That’s great,no one should be ashamed of their harritage.

    • When I looked up on my ancestry and it says that we’re Chickasaw my mom always said we was Cherokee I love being a Native American I’m only like half Chickasaw but I’m going to do a DNA test to find out if it’s right

  • James Memphis Cooley

    says: and Trading Post have been great source of information, and entertainment. Good job to all !!

  • Natalie L Craft


    Powwows are native American

  • Julie Northrop


    Right now, I would like to request to receive info about your organization by email. I am not on Facebook or Instagram for personal reasons. I read every email you have sent and have enjoyed and learned so much about the PowWows that were shown and loved the beautiful robes and various tribal ceremonies performed during the grand entries. Please pardon me if I am in error or mistaken by calling them “ceremonies”, out of ignorance, but I took great interest in the motion of hands, head and feet of each individual and different tribes as they were announced. Are you by any chance on You Tube? Otherwise, I would like to continue receiving your information by email if it’s not a problem for you. Sincerely, Julie Northrop (I attended one PowWow but it was a very small one, or maybe it wasn’t really a PowWow, but in any case, the Native Americans in my area are the Pokagan band of Pottawatomie (Is that right? Please advise me if I’m mistaken). I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Kalamazoo County and have understood that “Kalamazoo” is a Native American word for “boiling water?” And I live in a suburb of Kalamazoo called “Portage” where there is a creek, a portage, used to get to the Kalamazoo river.

  • Carolyn Reino


    I love powwow music its always enjoyable especially when there is dancing. Can’t wait for this virus to pass us and we can move on. Be safe and enjoy family time.

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