Interview with Adam Sings In The Timber – Native Photojournalist Tells Stories With His Images – Pow Wow Life

Interview with Adam Sings In The Timber – Native Photojournalist Tells Stories With His Images – Pow Wow Life

Adam Sings In the Timber is a photojournalist. His work has been featured the New York Times, USA Today, Native People's Magazine and Adam has a style that tells stories through photos. Learn more about his work and background in my interview.

Adam Sings In The Timber Interview

About Adam Sings In the Timber:

I am a documentary photographer and filmmaker. I studied journalism at the University of Montana in Missoula, specifically photojournalism. As graduate of the Freedom Forum's American Indian Journalism Institute, I have had photo internships at The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Va., and the Billings Gazette and Great Falls Tribune in Montana. In October 2007, I attended the Eddie Adams Workshop, an intense four-day gathering of top photojournalism professionals near New York City. I was also awarded a scholarship as the top student.

Documenting Native American life is the main purpose of my life as a photojournalist. It is my desire to capture all the nuances of Native Americans and to present them to the non-Native world as well as preserve them for future generations of Native American. In addition to freelance and commercial photography, I am currently working on a photo book documenting the Apsáalooke tribe of Montana to be titled “Apsáalooke Nation”. I was born and raised in Montana but I'm currently based in Chicago.

My work has appeared in Indian Country Today, Native People’s Magazine, The New York Times, USA Today, The Virginian-Pilot, The Great Falls Tribune, The Billings Gazette, the Montana Tourism campaign, and various publications throughout the world. From

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  • Avatar for Jonell Adams

    Jonell Adams


    I am impressed with your work of art. I had seen the Native girls standing with the cities in the back ground and I thought “They still can’t get rid of us, were still here.” Maybe the older we get the more we see than the young. I see your photos and I just stare at everything because the photo is very clear. Yes, archiving photos is the best thing for our young, seeing is believing? This is how we do this or that. Still teaching them to RESPECT. Thank you for sharing and caring. Obviously, you’ve been blessed with your talent.

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