Pendleton Blanket Giveaway – Celebrating 15 Years of Streaming Pow Wows Live

Pendleton Blanket Giveaway – Celebrating 15 Years of Streaming Pow Wows Live

Posted By Paul G May 24th, 2019 Last Updated on: June 12th, 2019

In June of 204, Paul Gowder from traveled to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the Red Earth Pow Wow.  He streamed the Pow Wow live across the internet!

15 years later, has streamed dozens of Pow Wows with millions of viewers!

With the help of our friends from Pendleton, we want to thank you for watching the live webcasts for all these years by giving away a blanket!

Enter to win this blanket at the bottom of this article!

Pathway Pendleton Blanket

About the Pathway Pendleton Blanket

A bold design imbued with traditional Pawnee symbology, from artist Bunky Echo-Hawk. Red, white, yellow and black signify the four races of humankind, the four stages of life and the semi-cardinal directions. Turquoise represents sky, while the four-pointed stars of the Milky Way symbolize the Path of Departed Spirits. A winding path through the blanket’s center traces life’s journey. Robe (twin) size makes an impressive wall hanging and a beautiful home accent when draped over a sofa or folded at the foot of a bed. Reverses for two dramatically different looks.

Created exclusively for the American Indian College Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps fund scholarships for Native American students and tribal colleges. 

About the Artist

Bunky Echo-Hawk is an artist of Pawnee/Yakama heritage who creates exuberant art that engages popular culture. In addition to his fine arts and graphic design work, Bunky is a photographer, playwright and poet. “My culture is infused in everything I create,” he states. Bunky’s work can be seen in exhibitions, galleries and museums throughout the world.

Enter To Win the Pathway Pendleton Blanket



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46 thoughts on “Pendleton Blanket Giveaway – Celebrating 15 Years of Streaming Pow Wows Live

  1. laurieanne morello says:

    My grandmother sent me a blanket for each of my toddlers. Instill have them. What a love she is!

  2. Sharyn White says:

    Pila Miya for all your great work. Beautiful blanket.
    Excellence Gathering of all Nations video.

  3. I would be honored to win the Pathaway blanket! It would be displayed proudly with my children and grandchildrens’ academic milestones. They have had to and are yet striving to further their knowledge and understanding how to live in two worlds. The American Indian College Fund has been there for them and for many of their classmates. Miigwetch

  4. Bernice Johnson says:

    I have never seen any thing as beautiful as the Pendleton blanket and other Indian artifacts. just breathtaking

  5. Melissa says:

    Beautiful I love all the powwow stuff your doing and enjoy the powwow

  6. Sandra L. Vasquez says:

    “Pendleton Blankets” sure keep you warm, when it’s cold!

    • I love the crib I tried to order them for all the new babies I would appreciate getting a Pendleton blanket magazine sent to me for placing orders Melody Robertson 1217 Lindberg Road Anderson Indiana 46012 if at all possible thank you

    • Claudette Young says:

      These blankets seem to be so amazing and I can almost feel, just by looking through cyber space how they successfully bring together the mystical wonders of the first peoples everywhere .

  7. Martha Johnson says:


  8. Summer Camp says:

    I admire the work immensly.I would show honor in wearing it with my regalia because I like and believe what it stands for.Especially the four stars .Great Spirit willing I will be wearing it proudly.Keep up the great and meaningful work you are doing brother.

  9. Nancy Palmer says:

    Love our comforter we bought at the PowWow in Ft. Lauderdale this would be a great addition! Thanks for the offer!! Regards, Dan & Nancy

  10. Candi McGee says:

    Such a beautiful blanket! Would love to win, but there are so many others who would love to win also! It’s all good.

  11. Darlene Pavek says:

    The Pendleton Blanket would be so wonderful to win. The colors are amazing along with the design.

  12. Kim Wheatley says:

    Pendleton Blankets are quality representations of our cultural values that respectfully remind us all of our connections to past present and future ancestral relationships and teachings!!l

  13. I am entering so I can give this blanket to my grandson. He is a proud member of the Navajo nation on his dad’s side and Mayan on his mom’s side. I hope to win it for him.

  14. Esther Rullan says:

    My first time attending GON POW WOW 2019. It was awesome to see it streaming online with much better coverage seen up close. thanks.

  15. Barbara Raybon says:

    Wasn’t able to go to North Carolina this year to the Pow Wow I would love to win the blanket for my newly remodeled room.I wanted to buy some blankets but it looks like next year.


    • Dennis Johnson says:

      I hope if I win would be nice I love watching a lot pow wow

    • Denise Curry says:

      I love these blankets there gorgeous and have so much history. I would be honored to win one.

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