Havasupai Peach Festival 2017

Posted By Charlie Ballard August 16th, 2017 Last Updated on: August 16th, 2017

The Havasupai Peach Festival takes place in Supai, Arizona., usually the second weekend in August to celebrate their Fall harvest.  During this time the Havasupai gather to sing & dance amongst their community and also invite in other neighboring tribes to help enjoy their festivities.  Havasupai translates to, “People of the Blue Green Waters”.  The Havasupai Lodge sells out for that weekend so be prepared to camp out in a designated area, all visitors are required to check in with their tourism office.

Keep in mind their Havasupai reservation is in a remote part of Northern Arizona, down in the Grand Canyon to be exact.  As you depart for Hilltop, make sure you gas up your car in Peach Springs before leaving, that way you don't run out of gas on your way back home.  When you get to the Hilltop landing area, you have a choice of taking a helicopter ride ($35) or hiking 8 miles to their village.
Most visitors want the experience the hike down, some opt to walk at night to avoid the heat, in case you decide to hike at night bring flashlights, plenty of bottled water and hike in a group, especially if you've never been to Supai before, folks getting lost at night on the trails is not uncommon.
Their waterfalls are the main reason why people visit the Grand Canyon, this one is the most famous, its called Havasu Falls, where visitors can swim in the lagoon to feel refreshed after walking around in the hot Arizona sun.
Some of the Peach Festival 2017 activities included, rodeo, tribal pageant, sunrise service, live music bands, dance & culture demonstrations and the all important community feed, check out that long line.
From the moment I touched down in Supai, I could not stop eating, here's a plate from the community dinner of roast beef, gravy & tortillas.  There were more items on the food line but I only had room for this, I love a good community feast and the Havasupai do it well.
I suppose the reason why I didn't have room for the community feast was because I ruined my appetite with this bad boy from the Sinyella Cafe, it was a whopping $13 and every bite was delicious.  One of my Supai friends saw me only eat the salad portion of this taco and she said, “is our Supai bread not good enough for you”, and I was all, “no dear, that's not why at all, I'm trying to cut down on carbs”, but I did manage to sneak a couple bites of that delicious Supai frybread.
During the Havasupai pageant, outgoing Miss Indian Arizona 2016 – Shaandiin Parrish could be seen introducing herself and shaking hands with the crowd, she was invited in to help judge their new tribal representatives.  Shaandin said on the Miss Indian Arizona facebook page:
“Last night, I served as a judge for the Miss Havasupai pageant. It is always my greatest privilege to help select a young lady to serve as an ambassador for a school, a community, and sometimes a tribe”.
 While traveling, I love buying local goods and look for unique items from which ever region I visit.  I've been looking for a Native medallion for quite some time and most of the ones I find are beaded, lucky for me I came across this piece woven from yucca, omg, I love it!
(featured image credit)
Raycine SummerRose Uqualla
PARENTS: Rita Uqualla & Falcon Watahomigie
Video narrated by Eva Kissoon (Havasupai), song by Markie Rodgers (Shivwits Southern Paiute).

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bud hoshaw

please contact me about our dec 2/3 rd 2017 native american intertribal festival.
need ad info . my phone #813-638-5347 .

thanks bud algonkin

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