Grand Entry at the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

Grand Entry at the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

Seeing over 2,000 dancers enter the arena is a unique experience that you can only see at North America's Largest Pow Wow.

The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow starts with a Grand Entry for each dance session.  

Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

The Gathering of Nations Powwow in Albuquerque, New Mexico, annually hosts the largest powwow in North America, drawing participants and spectators from many Native American tribes. This vibrant celebration of indigenous culture features dance competitions, the Miss Indian World pageant, the trader's market, and more. The event's immersive atmosphere, filled with traditional songs and the aroma of indigenous cuisine, creates a powerful and sensory experience. In addition to dance, the powwow includes a bustling marketplace showcasing the craftsmanship of skilled artisans, offering a diverse array of traditional clothing, jewelry, pottery, and artwork.

Beyond its grand scale and cultural displays, the Gathering of Nations Powwow serves as a unifying force, fostering connections and understanding among Native American communities.  The event's significance lies not only in its showcase of Native American heritage but also in its role as a space for cultural exchange, education, and the promotion of mutual respect among attendees from various backgrounds.

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    Paulette Tendoy9Ft Hall. Idaho


    I’ve been to Gathering Of Nations one time and it’s been about twenty yrs ago…I wouldn’t mind going there maybe nxt yr.

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