Pueblos Buffalo Dancers – 2017 Gathering of Nations

Pueblos Buffalo Dancers – 2017 Gathering of Nations

The 19 Pueblos tribes of New Mexico came together tonight at the 2017 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow.  The groups came together to dance their Buffalo Dance for the people here at the Pow Wow.  The Pueblos brought the dance to the Pow Wow to honor the Water Protectors from Standing Rock.

PUEBLO BUFFALO DANCE TRIBUTE at the 2017 Gathering of Nations Powwow

A special presentation coordinated by the Gathering of Nations and Emmett Shkeme Garcia and Melissa Sanchez of Emergence Productions.

This unprecedented assemblage is a tribute to the efforts of a Native American youth-led initiative the “One Mind Youth Movement” organization, which evolved into the International Indigenous Youth Council. These 7th generation youths understood the environmental crisis their generation was set to inherit and began the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

Their tenacious efforts inspired and engaged Tribal leaders, and an international legion of supporters, in their plight to bring attention to significant issues surrounding tribal sovereignty, protection of cultural resources, and safeguarding natural & human resources from real and potential threats of the proposed construction of a pipeline through tribal lands of the Standing Rock Sioux of North Dakota. These “Water Protectors” became the stronghold for what would become one of the greatest human rights campaigns in U.S. history. “Water is Life” – Mni Wiconi.

The world was watching and supporting, including us, here in New Mexico. At the 2017 Gathering of Nations Powwow, Native American Buffalo Dancers and Singers from the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico will come together and share in an historic Buffalo Dance. Three special songs have been composed for this historic Pueblo Buffalo Dance to honor the Water Protectors and all who fight daily for basic human rights, the protection of our precious environment, and ensure that future generations will enjoy a quality of life as intended by our ancestors.

A Special Thank You from the Gathering of Nations Powwow to the Pueblo Tribes of New Mexico, to all who contributed, the Emergence Productions Event Staff and the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center for hosting the group practice.

#WaterIsLife #MniWiconi



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