Get In Shape At Home Native American Style – Native Fit with Freida

Get In Shape At Home Native American Style – Native Fit with Freida

Posted By Paul G March 25th, 2020 Last Updated on: March 25th, 2020

Now is a great time to start a new workout program!  And with the gyms closed, why not do it at home with household items!

Elfreida Barton is a fitness instructor within the Navajo community and has recently starred in 16 half-hour episodes featuring ways to incorporate fitness and movement without needing a gym membership or expensive equipment. Her videos are called NATiVE FiT with Freida and they are unique, balanced, and encouraging.


In her second episode entitled “Fat Burn Sack Attack,” Freida’s equipment includes: water and towel, yoga mat, skillet, food cans, two five-pound flour sacks, one 20-pound flour sack, a coffee can, and most importantly, a good attitude. Her workouts are proof that anyone can exercise anywhere, as long as they have the motivation.

Freida, who has over 27 years of health and fitness experience, understands that a workout can happen anywhere. She wants her fellow Native people to enjoy working out and getting healthy and doesn’t want location or finances to hold anyone back (BuzzJeet).

The creator and producer, Travis Hamilton, had the intention of developing a fitness series that was unlike any others and one that Native individuals could relate to and actually use. There are no big city skylines in the background of a workout or shots taken in a swanky Pilates studio; the episodes are filmed both indoors and outdoors in natural places around the Navajo Nation.

“One takes place at the Window Rock Navajo Tribal Park and Veterans Memorial, while others are shot in the living room or kitchen of Window Rock homes. That kind of authenticity, familiarity and accessibility was important to Hamilton,” (DailyTimes).

Hamilton is currently trying to bring NATiVE FiT to a larger crowd at tribal health centers. “But the big prize, he said, would be arranging for the distribution of the series through a video streaming format, which is the future of the industry, he said. Hamilton hopes to have arrangements made soon so that he can turn his attention to shooting a second season of the series,” (Daily Times).

Currently, you can purchase NATiVE FiT with Freida through Hamilton’s site, Holt Hamilton Films or Amazon, and you can watch Episode Two for free on YouTube!

Have a happy workout!

Feature Image – Image Source / Farmington Daily Times via Holt Hamilton Films








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