Pow Wow Nation Spotlight – March 28, 2020

Pow Wow Nation Spotlight – March 28, 2020

Posted By Paul G March 22nd, 2020 Last Updated on: March 28th, 2020

PowWows.com is hosting an online live stream of Native American performers!

Pow Wow Nations Spotlight
March 28
1:0o pm Eastern

Join us live – Pow Wow Nation Spotlight

The world is feeling disconnected right now – no Pow Wows and stuck in our home.  PowWows.com is partnering with Native American performers to bring you a day of great talent and entertainment.  Join in and chat live with other viewers from around the world!

Performance Schedule

[1:00]  – Larry Yazzie
[1:30] – Rhonda Head
[2:00] – Delia Waskewitch
[2:30] – Shirley Hill
[3:00] – Darren Thompson
[3:30] Corey Medina
[4:00] – Laura Grizzlypaws
[4:30] – Nataanii Means
[5:00] – Opie Day and Desirae Desnomie
[5:30] – Jim Ruel
[6:00] – Lil Mike and Funny Bone
[6:30] – Alexis Raeana
[7:00] – Dallas Waskahat and Fawn Wood
[7:30] – Tonia Jo Hall
[8:00] – Joanne Shenandoah
[8:30] – Jacob Faithful – Lead Singer of Young Spirit Singers

And more!


Join us live – Pow Wow Nation Spotlight

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Always so happy to see the amazing and beautiful things that are available here at powwowscom thanks for the awesome stuff.

No mcintosh-long

Arizona’s mostly perfect weather doesn’t lend us a natural season to stay inside and bead. Covid is like a national beaders holiday for me! (Not to make light of our brothers and sisters who may be battling the virus in worse ways)
Our county remains virus free and our community is doing online church and facetime/messenger biblestudies, cooking, at home “spa” treatments, and lots and lots of beadwork.

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