Beadwork Tutorial for Moccasin Tops | How to Bead Step by Step

Beadwork Tutorial for Moccasin Tops | How to Bead Step by Step

This six-part tutorial was created by Anne of the Communities of the Voyageur Metis in Canada. She put this tutorial together in hopes that beginners would not be scared to try their hand at beading moccasin tops. These beautiful moccasin tops or “vamps” were created for the “Walking With Our Sisters” art installation which toured throughout Canada.

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3 Comments on “Beadwork Tutorial for Moccasin Tops | How to Bead Step by Step”

  • Avatar for Cindy Stover

    Cindy Stover


    Hi, your descriptions and instructions are very nicely done! Thank you for all your work on beading!

    I caught the “Yikes someone used my fabric scissors on paper, now they don’t cut!” Try cutting several layers of tin foil with them, that will usually sharpen the scissors back up again.

  • Avatar for Vena Goudie

    Vena Goudie


    These are all beautiful and I would love to know how to do all this beautiful beadwork. Can I buy the tutorials and books on how to do it.

    • Avatar for Kathy Keway

      Kathy Keway


      Hello my name is Kathy Love your all bead work .
      Can you please do a tutorial on beaded barrettes and hair sticks
      I Love the way they look I have 2 sister in-laws who are Ottawa Indian 1/4th and they would love them for and knowledge of making them.

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