Fry Bread Cravings? There’s A Mix For That

Fry Bread Cravings? There’s A Mix For That

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown January 28th, 2018 Blog

I know most of us have a favorite fry bread recipe that was passed down from our grandmas, aunties or other relatives. But sometimes you just don't want to bother breaking out all the measuring cups and spoons, you just want to get down to cooking!

Well, you're in luck because Amazon has a couple of fry bread mixes you can order online.

But are they any good?

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I tested out a couple of brands for you guys and here are my results.

The first mix I tried was Papa Ray's Marketplace Fry Bread Mix. Not Native-owned but they tell us about that on the package,

“This recipe came to us directly from the Colville Indian Tribe. Easy to make and delicious to eat, this recipe has a multitude of uses. Serve with powdered sugar, cinnamon/sugar or honey butter.

Make them a little larger and serve as an “Indian Taco” served with traditional taco fillings or serve with eggs, bacon, cheese, salsa and sour cream for the best breakfast around.

Weighs 16 ounces and makes 14 to 16 fry breads. This recipe does not have to be deep fried – just pan fry.”

For this mix, you'll need to add equal parts milk and water to the dry ingredients.

The mix was sticky, as most fry bread dough usually is, so I just added some flour when necessary.

The fry bread puffed up real nice in the oil. I served it on the side with some stew and my family ate it up quick. It says it serves about 14-16 pieces of fry bread but I think I only made about 9 pieces. Oops!

The fry bread was also a hit for dessert with some honey and powdered sugar.

Later on, in the week I decided to make the smaller batch of fry bread mix as NDN tacos.

This time I was using the Ha-pah-shu-tse Fry Bread Mix from Red Corn Native Foods, owned by an Osage family out of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

One of my aunts was actually familiar with this brand and uses it on the regular. This time only water was necessary to add in, and they recommended letting the dough sit for 30-40 minutes before cooking.

This package was a bit smaller than the other mix and I got about 5 pieces of fry bread out of it. The dough seemed easier to work with too, not as sticky.

So what's my verdict?

Both fry bread mixes did the trick for dinner, but I'd probably buy the Ha-pah-shu-tse Fry Bread Mix over the other. The bread turned out fluffier, lighter and not as sweet.

Do you guys ever use pre-made fry bread mixes?

If so, which ones?

Try the mixes from!


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3 thoughts on “Fry Bread Cravings? There’s A Mix For That

  1. Darwin Green says:

    Why? Fry bread is like the easiest stuff to make.
    Flour, yeast, salt, sugar and water are all you need!

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