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I was invited to spend 4 days at the Mall of America as part of their MinNoCoata program.  The Mall is trying to show that you can come to Minnesota and enjoy their stores and attractions in the middle of winter.  AND I did it with no coat!

Part of the experience was to try the food at several of the restaurants in the Mall.  The last time I spent this much time in a mall was in the 80s.  Then I only left the darkened arcade to rest my arms and eat.  Mall food, at that time, was Corn Dog 7 and Orange Julius.

The Mall of America sets a new bar for mall food!  You can find the standard hot dogs, burgers, chicken fingers, and fries.  But they aren't just standard burgers and fries.  For fast food, you have places like Burger Burger and Disco Fries that create original versions of your favorites.


Burger Burger Shakes
Burger Burger Shakes
Burger Burger Mushroom Swiss
Burger Burger Mushroom Swiss

The Mall doesn't just have fast food, though.  You can find full-service restaurants ranging from American classics, Italian, locally sourced foods, and more.

Fire Lake Grill – Radisson Blu

Fire Lake Grill description:

The dishes at FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar are crafted into menus that satisfy different appetites and tastes, catering to just about every occasion, from every day to special days. Our skills and indeed our culture are deeply rooted in North American food and service with a great influence from the Midwest. Simply great tastes in a great space – all delivered with great service, a big heart and an even bigger smile. Locally Grown, Perfectly Seasoned

mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-102 mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-101

Not only does Fire Lake Grill source its food from local farms, they have their own bees on top of the hotel!  Delicious fresh food surrounded by reclaimed wood, this restaurant creates a lively, modern atmosphere.

The hotel put out an amazing spread for breakfast too!


Tucci Benucch

Tucci Benucch description:

tucci benucch has been serving classic italian dishes for 25 years at the mall of america, located on the first floor of the west side of the mall. take a break from shopping to enjoy some of the best italian food in the twin cities.

our famous baked spaghetti is not to be missed. along with our original thin crust pizzas & other favorites like, roasted garlic chicken, chicken parmesan & salmon capri, the choices are bountiful. if pasta is what you are craving, try our fettuccine tucci, classic meat lasagne, house made gnocchi or angel hair with garlic shrimp.

mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-105 mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-104 mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-106

The meal started with an Italian soda.  The vibrant flavors were very refreshing after a busy morning exploring the Mall of America.  I love a good chopped salad, and theirs is one of the best I've had.  And then there was desert….Wow!

Twin City Grill

Twin City Grill description:

Twin City Grill is an American grill featuring Minnesota comfort foods in a casual comfortable surrounding, located on the first floor of the north side of the Mall of America. The walls are adorned in vintage landmark photos from around the Twin Cities. Plentifully stocked wine racks highlight the classic decor of rich wood and cozy booths.

The menu is filled with Minnesota favorites starting with the Northern Lakes Walleye Fish Fry, Roasted Prime Rib of Beef, Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs, Prime Meatloaf and Roasted Turkey Plate.

mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-113 mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-100-2mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-108

One of my favorite things to get each year at our local fair is the fresh french fries and then drench them in salt and vinegar.  Twin City Grill took one of my favorites and took it to the next level!  They baked the salt and vinegar into the fries.  One of my favorite things from the whole weekend!

Crave America

Crave description:

CRAVE is a Minneapolis restaurant that was created out of our passion to offer guests a unique dining experience. Serving lunch and dinner daily, along with the best happy hour in Minneapolis, we feature seasonal, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible to ensure that our guests receive the highest quality food. The atmosphere at CRAVE is infused with a consistent buzz, from our friendly staff to the warm and inviting décor, that will leave guests knowing they experienced the perfect balance of sophistication, atmosphere, entertainment and service – The CRAVE Experience.

mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-114 mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-112 mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-115 mall-of-america-food-minnocoata-116

Crave offers an incredibly diverse menu from mac and cheese (with bacon) to sushi.  They have something fit all of your cravings.

When planning your trip to the Mall of America budget time to take a break from the shopping and enjoy mall food done right!


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