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The Mall of American is Bloomington, Minnesota has invited me to spend the weekend enjoying the shopping, attractions, and restaurants in the largest mall in the United States.  This weekend they invited a few other bloggers and myself to take part in their MinNoCoata program.

No, MinNoCoata isn't the Indian word for shopping mall!  Their program is to bring people to the Mall of American in the middle of winter with No Coat – MinNoCoata.  So this Southern guy is heading to the great white north!  For the record, it was 75 degrees in my hometown today.  According to Weather.com the current temperature in Bloomington is 11 degrees, but feels like -5!


Travel to the mall during the winter without me buying a parka is possible, I'm told.  I can fly into the area and take the subway straight to the mall without stepping into the elements.  The mall also features an attached hotel.  Despite the time of year, the mall is accessible to anyone without needing to pack clothes people take when attempting an Everest summit.

For all of you Pow Wow traveler's the mall is a great destination whenever the Pow Wow trail takes you through Minnesota.  With dozens of Pow Wow throughout the year near the mall, be sure to plan a side trip for shopping, rides, and food!  Plan your trip to the Mall of American whenever you are traveling to any of the Minnesota Pow Wows.

If you are in the area, come by the PowWows.com Meetup – Friday, February 10, 2017.

And don't forget that the Shakopee Pow Wow features an exhibition at the mall each August!

Mall of American Wacipi Exhibition - 2016 Shakopee Pow Wow - PowWows.com

Look for updates on our social media account this weekend showing the great features at the Mall of America!


Photo by LightInaCube


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