How to Create Outfit Design Templates

Posted By Paul G February 26th, 2014 Last Updated on: February 27th, 2014

Juaquin Lonelodge shows you how to create templates for your designs.  These templates are then used to create your Pow Wow regalia.  Watch the videos below for the his Pow Wow outfit tips and tricks.

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When sewing on material attached with heat bond, sometimes the needle becomes sticky and doesn’t keep sewing correctly. I find that using Sewers Aid which makes machine sewing smoother. The needle will not get sticky and cause the skipping of stitches.


I love your videos! I learned a lot by watching them.. My question is would this also work for doing a shawl? especially satin shawl… would the heat bond and the pattern be to heavy for a shawl?



Wish this was done years ago .thank you for helping so many people out . Peace and love

Nyjoe Ritchie

One expression, wow! I like. Thank you for sharing and helping me advancing my arts and craft.

sabine rufié

Thank you so much for those videos!! I really enjoyed it. I hope i’ll find next ones. 😉


Awesome work! Keep up the great tutorials. It was exactly what I was looking for. Hoping to get my daughter dancing jingle this summer. Thanks again 🙂

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