Coyote and Crow: An RPG Game Natives Can Get Behind

Coyote and Crow: An RPG Game Natives Can Get Behind

Imagine if Europeans never invaded North America and colonization never happened.

With the new Role Playing Game (RPG), Coyote and Crow, players get a chance to step back into the past and live a First Nations alternate future. 

Coyote and Crow was both designed and created by a Native-led team. It's an original RPG system built around the exclusive use of D12 dice. Outside of the core rule book, all you need to play the game is some pencil and paper and some twelve-sided dice.

From an interview with Dice Breaker:

“The game is set 700 years after a climate disaster called the Awis nearly wiped humanity from the face of the planet. Makasing, what we call North America, has recovered enough that civilizations composed of its indigenous tribes can once again plan beyond the next frigid, ash-covered month. Bolstered by technology developed in humanity’s most desperate hour, these flourishing nations discover a new magic referred to as the ‘Adahnehdi,' changing people, animals and the land itself.”

Why is Coyote and Crow so important to Native Americans? 

One word: representation. 

Mojo Nation interviewed Connor Alexander, project lead and creator of the game, about why this is the time for Coyote and Crow and why the game will be so beneficial for Native communities.

“As someone who really wants to create a more diverse and balanced game industry, I was starting to see a lot of systemic issues around the lack of diversity in the industry. I’m fortunate enough that, for most of my life, I’ve passed for a normal white dude, and I’ve had all of those benefits. One of the biggest gaps I saw was a lack of representation for Native Americans and I’m a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, but I’d never considered pairing those two parts of my life up. After speaking to a consultant friend of mine, who is Native American and works in representation in the games industry, they told me that even when the games industry gets representation right, it’s almost always through a colonial lens.”

Coyote and Crow’s Kickstarter Page 

Once Alexander set up a Kickstarter page for the project, it blew up with donations. Not only did Coyote and Crow achieve full funding within 45 minutes of activating the campaign, but it surpassed $350,000 on day five of the campaign. As of March 29, the campaign had eclipsed $786,000—more than 4,000 percent of the initial goal. 

What do “backers” of the Kickstarter get with their donation?

Here's how it breaks down:

  • $5 or more

Stay up-to-date with the development of the game and join the online community.

  • $20 or more

Earn a digital PDF copy of Coyote and Crow once released.

  • $50 or more

Earn the full version book of the Coyote and Crow game along with the PDF version.

  • $50 or more donation

Earn a digital PDF copy and donate a physical copy of the Coyote and Crow game to a reservation library.

What can you do to support the Coyote and Crow project?

Follow Coyote and Crow on Instagram or keep up with their Development Blog. Though the project has already been fully funded on Kickstarter, you can still donate to the campaign to show your support.  

Featured image: Kickstarter


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