Dakota Language Being Offered to High School Students in Southern Minnesota

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown November 5th, 2017 Last Updated on: November 5th, 2017

Several news outlets are reporting on the exciting addition of Dakota language classes to high school curriculum in a Minnesota community. The Lower Sioux has partnered with the Redwood and Cedar Mountain public school districts to offer the yearlong class for high school credit.

Here's a quick clip from KEYC News who went out and interviewed teacher Ryan Dixon:

From the Star Tribune:

While any high school student in the local Redwood and Cedar Mountain school districts can take the class, those who signed up this fall are all enrolled Lower Sioux members.

Next year, Dixon said, Redwood Valley and Cedar Mountain high schools will offer the class during the regular school day, just like any world language, fulfilling a goal that he and teacher Vanessa Goodthunder have had for years.

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Richard Wilber

This is encouraging! After centuries of Americans denigrating Native American cultures, of forcing Native American children into an English only lifestyle, someone has finally recognized the value of culture diversity.

Many years ago, I had conversations with a schoolmate who was Native American, a Potawatomi if I remember, about his heritage and it sparked a lifelong interest in the history and culture of the many varied first Americans. It is gratifying to learn that some small part of our education system is recognizing the value of preserving this heritage.

Rita Cutknife

The key to true spirituality is through our native languages. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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